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Letter to the editor: President wants us to be a socialist nation

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 12:01 am

Even the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette is joining President Obama in his far-left tactics of scaring the American people with distortions and lies. This paper’s Feb. 21 front-page article boldly exclaims: “Spending cuts would idle 170 at Air Guard,” “22-day furlough rests on Congress.”

The fact is this spending-cuts law was created by Obama, and Congress went along with him on a bipartisan basis. The law will be (1) only a 2.4 percent cut in the current $3.7 trillion annual budget and (2) a very small start on reducing the runaway federal spending that has destroyed our economy and placed an unsustainable burden on this and all future generations. Can you name any other president who has used these deplorable means to change our way of life?

Wake up, America! This president is hell-bent on turning our free nation into another socialist state — exactly like the European countries that are now in bankruptcy. You won’t find proof of this reality in liberal newspapers or network television news programs. They do not present the truth showing the violent and deadly riots occurring over there, right now. When I was a young man, the movie theaters offered a weekly feature that often showed street demonstrations and fighting – by the citizens – in many foreign countries. My thought always was: “That will never happen in our country.” I was wrong.

John Paul