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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Letter to the editor: Promiscuity, abortion ruining women's lives

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013 12:01 am
I'm responding to the letter, “Mourning abortion from another view.” She wrote, “Abortion will not end until we create a society where women feel confident in having a safe, nurturing accepting, loving and supportive environment in which they can raise a child.” I could not agree more that we need to recreate a society to promote the life and welfare of every child. All women know sex might result in pregnancy. Birth control is misnamed; it can fail. When the pill became available, I was a teenager. Back then, sex outside of marriage was called a sin. The birth control pill promised “good girls” they could have sex and escape the consequences of their sin.

Birth control and its Siamese twin, promiscuity, lead most astray today. But birth control does not have the upper hand if Mother Nature has her way. The sex equation has not changed: 1 + 1 + sex = 3. We only fool ourselves when we disagree.

Remember the Scripture, “The wages of sin is death”? The wages of the sin or promiscuity have dealt the hand of death to the unborn by abortion. If I changed the word from “sin” to “sexual activity by the unmarried” I might not offend the unreligious. I do not intend to offend anyone. I want us all to agree.

The facts remain the same regardless of the terminology. Everyone is part of the problem, and everyone must be part of the solution. We all live in this society, and abortion affects all our lives and those we love.

The writer said, “I mourned because the civil rights of women are thwarted by those who believe only the unborn should have them.” I mourn and grieve for women because abortion destroys women, it does not promote their dignity. It is a black mark on the soul of this country that abortion has been protected by law as a “civil right.”

Abortion is a desperate act that dehumanizes women. It is the same as suicide for a woman to kill a life within herself. Promiscuity — meaningless “hook-up sex” — is the problem. Married women rarely kill their unborn children. Our society and our government both have victimized all women and both are to blame for our dishonor and our shame. Society and government need new norms, and we need the cooperation of the entertainment and advertising industry to respect women and promote morality in men so the sexual exploitation of women is not the social norm.

Men should value their fertility and they should learn to value ours. Chastity and marriage are the only things that will end abortion. Women have to put their “eggs” in the birth control basket. Why did we need liberated from our fertility? So we could have indiscriminate sex like men. We are not men! The sexual liberation of women has caused us only sin.

For women, sex, love and marriage must stay together. Men have become the immoral winners in his losing game. Sex without love and marriage leaves millions of women with shattered lives and broken hearts, children without fathers and thousands upon thousands of the unborn dead by abortion. All women need to cry out in one refrain stop the insanity!

Birth control, its twin, promiscuity, and its backup plan, abortion, are ruining the lives of women and children everywhere and contributing to misery in the family and in the society we all share.

Janice Watts


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