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Letter to the editor: Shovel your sidewalks

Friday, March 8, 2013 - 12:01 am

It’s bad enough when residents will not clear their walks of snow. But when businesses won’t do it, either, then a serious look needs to be taken.

The city says the place needs to be reported or they won’t do anything. If I did that, I’d use up a tank of gas and spend two days writing down all the addresses, and that is just in the Lakeside and East State area.

Several businesses have not been salting or clearing their walks for pedestrians and joggers, which poses a serious threat to the public. What has happened in society today is the attitude of not taking accountability or considering others.

Be forewarned, those who refuse to do so. I can’t get you all at once, but I will begin reporting you all. The city sure likes to spend a lot of time on weed violations. Why not snow?

Laura J. Smyser