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A record snow just in time for flooding season

Saturday, March 9, 2013 - 12:01 am

It looked like we were going to get through this winter with very little of the white stuff, but Mother Nature decided to treat us to a late-season walloping this week. Between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, about 10 inches of snow fell in the Fort Wayne area, setting a record for the day.

And it was the wet, heavy stuff that takes forever to shovel off sidewalks or scrape off cars. Side streets were clogged, businesses shut down, schools closed. And we were not alone. After pounding the Midwest, the storm headed east. Washington was spared, but areas in New England and New Jersey still suffering from Hurricane Sandy were hit hard.

But this turned out to be the shortest weather emergency we’ve had in years. Temperatures warmed so much on Thursday that snow started to melt away, especially on the major streets.

So, whew, thank goodness it’s all over now.

Well, except for one thing. The rest of that snow will melt – all 10 inches of it will turn into water. And there is the possibility of rain Sunday and Monday. With the ground already moist and nearly saturated, the increased runoff could bring certain rivers to the flood stage.

Guess we can’t stop talking about the weather just yet.