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TV Diary: Remembering Rhoda

Monday, March 11, 2013 - 12:01 am

I was surprised when I read a story about Valerie Harper having terminal brain cancer. While a celebrity fighting cancer certainly is not a surprise, I'm taken aback that this star with the clever wit and dead-on comic timing is struck by such a debilitating disease. It's tragic, really.

I always enjoyed watching Harper play Rhoda Morgenstern on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Why? She wasn't perfect. She was overweight (though she slimmed down over time, got her own show and got married) and spoke her mind. She was the perfect foil for the reserved Mary Richards.

In honor of Harper, here is a short quiz:

1. Who played her husband, Joe Gerard, on “Rhoda?”

2. Harper played Rita Stone on this TV series?

3. Harper was involved in a breach of contract lawsuit over which TV show?

4. Harper reunited with Mary Tyler Moore for this TV movie.

5. Which actress played Rhoda's mother?

6. Name Harper's first husband.

7. How many Emmy Awards did Harper win?

8. Which actress played Rhoda's sister?

9. She played Liz Gianni on what 1990 short-lived TV series?

Answers: 1. David Groh. 2. “The Office.” 3. “Valerie.” 4. “Mary and Rhoda.” 5. Nancy Walker. 6. Richard Schaal. 7. Three Emmys for her work on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” and one Emmy for her work on “Rhoda.” 8. Julie Kavner. 9. “City.”