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TV Diary: A Carrie Fisher update -- and test

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 12:01 am

What's up with Carrie Fisher?

After recently making headlines when she wigged out on a cruise ship (not the ill-fated Carnival Triumph), Fisher announced she'd be back for another “Star Wars” film. Then her publicist announced about 12 hours later that Fisher was joking.

Fisher has never shied away from the fact she suffers from a bi-polar condition. If these incidents are related to her condition, I hope she can get help. If they're not, …

“Star Wars Episode VII” tentatively will be released in 2015, and Hollywood talk indicates there may be a reunion of Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, especially according to George Lucas. Stay tuned.

Here's a refresher course on Fisher's career:

1. Name Fisher's mother.

2. Her mother grounded her for taking a role in which film?

3. What was her role on “The Blues Brothers?” Or, rather, what did she do practically the whole movie?

4. Who did she marry?

5. She played Angela on which TV series?

6. Name her best-selling novel.

7. Name Fisher's father.

8. She played Mother Superior in which 2003 film?

9. Fisher and John Ritter starred in this touching 1978 film.

Answers: 1. Debbie Reynolds. 2. “Shampoo.” 3. She tried to kill Jake. 4. Paul Simon. 5. “Family Guy.” 6. “Postcards from the Edge.” 7. Eddie Fisher. 8. “Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.” 9. “Leave Yesterday Behind.”