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Fort Wayne births, through March 10

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - 1:06 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through March 10.

Fort Wayne

•Acen M. Doan to Beth A. and Paul M. Doan.

•Adahleen L. Lewis to Alicia A. and Joshua P. Lewis.

•Adam J. English to Ashley N. and Ambrose R. English.

•Addison M. Lawrence to Melissa M. Fettinger and Francis M. Lawrence Jr.

•Addison M. Lee to Kalina I. Anderson and Andre L. Lee.

•Aidan E. Glaser to Rachel D. and Robert E. Glaser.

•Alanna L. Wheaton to Jessica L. Brubaker and Carlos C. Wheaton.

•Alejandro M. Valle III to Katheryne J. Werling and Alejandro Valle.

•Alivea K. Jewell to Tabitha M. Howald and Fraser D. Jewell II.

•Aliyah J. Putt to Dawn M. and Bryan R. Putt.

•Allison R. Browand to Amanda P. and John R. Browand.

•Alyvia D. Houser and Alyzabeth S. Houser to Angelique N. and Christopher J. Houser.

•Amelia G. Heironimus to Heather R. and Nathan D. Heironimus.

•Anderson W. Warren to Amy H. and Andrew J. Warren.

•Annabell N. Garcia to Brittney N. and Adam M. Garcia.

•Arianna C. Wooton to Jessica A. and Jerry A. Wooton.

•Ariiella J. Gross to Amanda S. Gross.

•Aubrey E. Bradtmueller to Lindsay M. and Dale C. Bradtmueller.

•Audrianna K. Guevara to Courtney M. Guevara.

•Ava R. Jones to Jessica N. Zieg and Alan D. Jones.

•Ayo G. Babalola to Eva F. and Oluwaseun Babalola.

•Bentley L. Barrett to Jennifer S. Sutton and Travis R. Barrett.

•Bentley Q. Swary to Bethany L. and Eric M. Swary.

•Bianca G. Ramirez to Ashley D. and Adrian Ramirez.

•Boston W. Graft to Molly L. and R S. Graft.

•Bradley B. Breidenstein Jr. to Monica L. Griffin and Bradley B. Breidenstein.

•Brenna L. Simmons to Twyla R. Simmons.

•Brooklynn N. Cranfill to Amber R. Lemon and Isaac E. Cranfill.

•Bryson K. Faus to Caitlin M. and Kenneth B. Faus.

•Caitlyn E. Voirol and Sabrina L. Voirol to Carlie R. and Nicholas A. Voirol.

•Carter J. Hogan to Marissa M. and Nicholas J. Hogan.

•Charlee C. Kite to Kathryn L. and Daniel M. Kite.

•Charlotte R. Hoghe to Lauren N. and Cary A. Hoghe.

•Chase E. Sorrell to Adrienne C. and Daniel R. Sorrell.

•Christopher Mata to Angelica Flores and Eulalio Mata.

•Clayvon L. King to Alisha A. King.

•Colin M. Spencer to Renee E. and Aaron P. Spencer.

•Colton J. Tanner to Heather A. and Jason F. Tanner.

•Damian L. Geiger to Tabitha A. Vaught and Jeremy E. Geiger.

•Davion R. Shelby to Elisha J. Shelby.

•Delilah R. Henry to Michelle M. Gaze and Joshua B. Henry.

•Derek A. Palma to Faith V. Shown and Victor L. Palma.

•Devon O. Washington to Angela D. Freeman and Natwon O. Washington.

•Dorian R. Briseno to Stephanie Y. Briseno Balderas and Martin M. Garcia Marin.

•Elijah M. Lawrence to Melissa M. Fettinger and Francis M. Lawrence Jr.

•Elizabeth L. Sizemore to Jillian E. Jaxtheimer and Phillip M. Sizemore.

•Emma N. Owen to Mary K. and Seth N. Owen.

•Erin N. Crupe to Jessica J. Crupe.

•Evelyn N. Study to Jennifer O. and Todd A. Study.

•Evelynn M. Hoskins to Leah M. Kallmyer and Jacob C. Hoskins.

•Everley C. Hannah to Sarah E. and Eddie D. Hannah Jr.

•Faith K. Kurtz to Megan D. Williams and Todd E. Kurtz.

•Faith L. Wirgau to Kristy L. and Erik D. Wirgau.

•Francisco J. Estrada Jr. to Miranda M. Thompson and Francisco J. Estrada.

•Franky A. Bautista to Edwidge Paul and Fransisco A. Bautista.

•Gabriel J. Urquidi to Eva R. and Hugo A. Urquidi.

•Gabriel R. Zolinski to Abby M. and Allan J. Zolinski.

•Galilee G. Bishop to Marissa K. and James P. Bishop.

•Gavin S. Landers to Anna B. and Jeremiah J. Landers.

•Gicoda C. Cason Jr. to Tierra M. Wright and Gicoda C. Cason.

•Gracyn S. Garton to Stacey L. and Nathan T. Garton.

•Hadley G. Brown to Andrea M. and Andrew J. Brown.

•Hadley J. Crow to Caroline A. Carpenter and Isaac C. Crow.

•Harrison T. Harber to Cherith N. and Thomas E. Harber.

•Harrison W. Gallagher to Victoria S. and Stephen G. Gallagher.

•Henry M. Skeens to Melissa S. and Matthew A. Skeens.

•Hudson M. Howard to Jill S. and Scott M. Howard.

•Isabella N. Vazquez to Heather M. and Mario R. Vazquez.

•Isabelle T. Butler to Debra M. and James R. Butler.

•Ivy C. Nolan to Kari L. and Timothy W. Nolan.

•Ivy M. Selking to Tina M. and Kyle A. Selking.

•Jace S. Dillon to Stephanie K. Dillon.

•Jacob J. Chacon Jr. to Brittany N. Deck and Jacob J. Chacon.

•Jaevion P. Easley to Amanda M. Easley.

•James D. Burgoon IV to Erin M. and James D. Burgoon III.

•Jane C. Guntle to Courtney N. and Adam C. Guntle.

•Jashawn L. Johnson to Leondra L. Johnson.

•Jasmine D. Quintana to Lorena Quintana-Torrijos and Jose De Jesus Delira Esquivel.

•Jax J. Orr to Shannon L. and Bo J. Orr.

•Jayden M. Branstetter to Zoey R. Branstetter and Michael D. Kelso.

•Jessica A. Nguyen to Phuong T. and Nho V. Nguyen.

•Jocelynn J. Lanning to Ashley A. and Justin T. Lanning.

•Jon Tae D. Overton-Benson to Kenya R. Overton and Jamarcus D. Benson.

•Jorja M. Cockram to Eve M. Brindle and Joshua J. Cockram.

•June F. Davis to Dawn M. Henderson-Davis and Jeffrey C. Davis.

•Justin T. Wiley to Abree S. Clauss and Justin T. Wiley.

•K Lee Z. Richardson to Mikita Q. Richardson.

•Kaitlyn P. Vaughan to Krista N. and Ian R. Vaughan.

•Kalayah C. Morris to Kiera D. Cornelius and Fred R. Morris Jr.

•Karter A. Williams to Camilynn E. Schnelker and Parnell S. Williams.

•Katie D. Carrier to Julie E. and Andrew M. Carrier.

•Kaydence A. Jones to Ja Vonda R. Capers and Raymond A. Jones.

•Kennon L. Severit Jr. to Jessica N. Jones and Kennon L. Severit.

•Klaire M. Vanderford to Clacey R. Sturgeon and Erik R. Vanderford.

•Kreetin M. Aldred to Jamie R. Aldred.

•Kyah B. Lynch to Kinsey A. Brazel and Justin M. Lynch.

•Landon L. Paul to Erica R. and Jason M. Paul.

•Layla B. Shields to Fabiana S. and Kelly J. Shields.

•Leo O. Woenker to Annah D. and Jay P. Woenker.

•Leo V. Rubin to Kelley A. and Evan R. Rubin.

•Levi T. Swygart to Heather P. and Adam W. Swygart.

•Liam D. Bierbaum to Elizabeth R. and Gregory S. Bierbaum.

•Lilly A. Garcia to Maria and Armando Garcia.

•Love J. Kolbasky to Amanda J. Alvather and Gavin J. Kolbasky.

•Lucy A. Williford to Sara K. and Marcus S. Williford.

•Mackenzie G. Brownlee to Tamarah D. and Albert T. Brownlee.

•Madilyn R. McNair to Melinda T. and Bradly T. McNair.

•Madison R. Federspiel to Nicole R. and Cory A. Federspiel.

•Malachi W. Gerdes to Dana J. and Christopher E. Gerdes.

•Mason L. Longworth to Lauryn K. and Nicholas L. Longworth.

•Mason M. Lee to Lisa A. and Andrew J. Lee.

•Mckenzie R. Weaver to Kayla R. and Ryan A. Weaver.

•Michael A. Magan to Montana S. Magan.

•Morgan J. Sims to Chante L. Sims.

•Neha N. Patel to Hiral N. and Nitin K. Patel.

•Nicolas Cardoso to Araceli and Gerardo Cardoso.

•Noah J. Worden to Julia M. and Jason M. Worden.

•Noah L. Minnick to Kayla J. Arnett and Matthew J. Minnick Jr.

•Nycole M. Golden to Lakisha N. Golden.

•Olivia J. Burgett to Amber M. Tolbert and Anthony B. Burgett.

•Otto R. Dickerhoff to Heather L. and Chad R. Dickerhoff.

•Palmer J. Swan to Jennifer L. and William P. Swan.

•Parker A. Lauck to Natasha E. and Johnathan A. Lauck.

•Phineas C. Ballinger to Kara N. and Benjamin A. Ballinger.

•Quintin A. Miller to Erica L. and Kenneth M. Miller.

•Riley J. Presley to Leslie A. and Richard H. Presley.

•Ronnie J. Garriott to Courtney E. Garriott.

•Rowan T. Major to Sierra S. Hennessey and Daniel M. Major.

•Ruby S. Perkins to Britni J. Krouse and Nicholas M. Perkins.

•Samantha M. Herrera to Carmen M. Alvizures and Henry A. Herrera.

•Samuel G. Keller to Elizabeth M. and Adam P. Keller.

•Scotlin T. Orr to Charlene A. and William T. Orr.

•Sophia A. Guzman to Priscilla E. Rivas and Marco A. Guzman.

•Taylor E. Beachy to Megan E. and Thomas E. Beachy.

•Tenley N. Shultz to Molly D. and Nicholas L. Shultz.

•Thomas F. Graf to Diane C. Alderson and Dennis E. Graf.

•Thone T. Mon to Khaing Y. Mon and Cho Too.

•Urijah D. Simpson-Sanders to Leah N. Simpson and Deon M. Sanders.

•Victoria R. Tillapaugh to Jacklyn R. and Matthew D. Tillapaugh.

•Vincent A. Jordan to Lindsay A. and Nicholas D. Jordan.

•Violet I. Schloss to Lauren E. and Charles N. Schloss.

•William J. Remenyuk to Oksana and Sergiy Remenyuk.

•Yazan A. Alnatsheh to Niveen M. Alnatsheh and Abdel Majid H. Al Natsheh.

•Yonratoi M. Kuttchai to Myint M. and Mon Ong.

•Zander J. Lehman to Cassidy L. Hazelet and Dustin J. Lehman.

•Zayden L. Garrett to Megan A. Rogers and Kyle J. Garrett.

•Zeke R. Sliger to Andrea A. and Shaylen R. Sliger.

•Zofia E. Smith to Lacey E. and Joseph B. Smith.