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Wednesday September 2, 2015
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Letter to the editor: Monthly sewer fee seems way out of line

Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 12:01 am

We on Auburn Road and people of surrounding areas are being forced into the new Greater Cedar Creek sewer project, even though we have protested at what few meetings have been held over the past year. We have no say in the matter. The monthly cost of $114 has been amortized over 355 homes to pay for the required loan over 20 years. This amounts to $1,368 per year and $27,360 for each home over the 20 years, providing City Utilities $9.71 million for the life of the loan.

The article of Dec. 5, 2012, by deputy director of engineering for the Fort Wayne City Utilities identified the sewer project at $7.2 million for 357 homes.

We have checked with homeowners in various sections of Fort Wayne with none paying near the $114. Approximate average sewer costs are New Haven $35, Aboite $30, Dupont-Coldwater $59 and Georgetown $35.

There are hundreds of acres of undeveloped land in this area, as noted in the Dec. 5 article by the deputy director of engineering, whereby this new north sewer would provide new infrastructure to pick up thousands of potential customers in the future, partly due to the nearness of Parkview Regional Hospital and the new Union Chappell/I-69 interchange.

Many homeowners have recently received letters from developers to sell their properties. It appears that we 355 homeowners are paying up front for the infrastructure to benefit all of those thousands of homes that will be built in this area in the near future.

We received a partial billing from City Utilities of $78 starting January 2013 even though we probably will not get hooked up until later in this year. We’re not familiar with paying for services many months before we get the services.

This letter is not against the sewer, though some think they may not need it now. It looks to us that the cost of $114 per month over the 20 years is really out of line. Maybe a recheck of the figures should be in order.

Bob and Monia Alexander