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Workers from Fort Wayne's 122nd Fighter Wing to be idled one day a week

Friday, March 15, 2013 - 5:10 pm

About 200 Fort Wayne-based Air National Guard workers started getting official notice this week that the federal government plans to idle them one day a week as part of the “sequester” spending cuts.

Some of the civilian technicians received letters Friday notifying them of the 22-week furlough plan, which are slated to begin in mid to late April, said Master Sgt. Darin Hubble, a spokesman for the 122nd Fighter Wing.

“They haven't all been sent out, but the first of them have started to come,” Hubble said, adding that Indiana Air Guard leaders still hope to avoid the cuts. “We are still working at a national level to change this way of thinking of having the furlough affect missions.”

Hubble said the furlough, which would shorten the work week to four days for the full-time workers, would amount to about a month of pay for each employee.