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Saturday August 29, 2015
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In his words: Komets forward Kaleigh Schrock

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Sunday, March 17, 2013 - 12:17 am

After struggling most of the season to score, Komets forward Kaleigh Schrock drilled in three goals Saturday night against Greenville in a 4-3 Fort Wayne shootout win.

Charlie said they knew you were going to have a good game tonight because after IU lost you came into the locker room crying.

I think it will be good for them in the tournament. After I scored the two goals in the first, Charlie said he will wear my IU warm-up pants in Elmira if I scored a hat trick, so I'm going to bring them on the road trip.

Your mom's side of the family is Irish, right?

Her side of the family is Irish, and it was kind of a good omen that before we went out there tonight Charlie is kind of weird and he started singing ``Oh, Danny, Boy.'' He changed the lyrics a little bit to Oh, Schrocky Boy. They played that at my grandpa's funeral so I had a good feeling maybe he'd be helping me out a little bit tonight.

You scored three totally different goals tonight.

Klotz and Wheeler did a great job on the forecheck to force a turnover, the other one Marino won a battle and I just threw it at the net and it went in and on the other one Wheeler did a great job to find me in the slot. It was a credit to my linemates tonight. Garrett Klotz hasn't played in a while and he worked his butt off and I'm glad he was rewarded for it.

What's the guys' mindset as you are struggling to remain in contention?

We all love playing this game. We're all very fortunate that we get to do what we love and play a game for a living. It could be a lot worse for everybody individually. We have to forget about where we are in the standings and realize we get to do something we love and we still have a lot of support from our fans. They are paying to watch us play and we owe it to them to work hard. This is a blue-collar town and I feel like if we work hard the rest of the way, good things can still happen.

We asked Al what the difference was tonight, and he said you finally missed the goalie.

I've really tried to put pucks on net, and there's no doubt that the goalies in this league are a lot better. Finally tonight, I found the back of the net fortunately.