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In his words: Indiana coach Tom Crean speaks on loss to Wisconsin

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Hoosiers' perimeter defense lacked against Badgers

Sunday, March 17, 2013 - 12:01 am

CHICAGO - Indiana men's basketball coach Tom Crean spoke with the media following the Hoosiers' defeat to Wisconsin in the semifinal of the Big Ten Tournament at the United Center on Saturday.

On the key to the loss to Wisconsin:

"The biggest story for us is we've been defending the three the last six, seven games at an incredibly high level, and today we didn't. We didn't. And they got some kick out threes and things of that nature, but we got away from what had been making us better.

"We started to over help again, and tried to cover for one another when there was no need to do it. Those are the things we just can't do."

On how Wisconsin has won 12 straight against the Hoosiers:

"They are a very good team, extremely well coached, disciplined, great staffs, inside outside scoring, great balance, and just an all around great team, they are an excellent team and have been for a long, long time. As long as he's the coach there, they will be."

On why his program has improved since his first year at Indiana:

"Consistency of work habits; getting better team, constantly because the talent upgrade has been most importantly because the work ethic continues to get better."

On the importance of winning the conference tournament:

"My mindset is you try to win every game and take the next one as it comes, and certainly we would have liked to have won it.

"But it doesn't undo what we have done to this point. It doesn't undo any of that. We have had an excellent season. There's room for growth, there's no doubt about that. But we would have liked to have played better today, no question."

On Northwestern firing coach Bill Carmody on Saturday:

"First thing that came to my mind is when Rob Ryan lost his job with the Dallas Cowboys, he said he would be out of work about five minutes. I doubt Bill Carmody will say that, but that should be the case.

"He's a great basketball coach. He's done a phenomenal job at that university, did a phenomenal job long before that. He should be one of the more higher demand coaches, and all anybody needs to look at is what Bruce Weber has done this year at Kansas State after leaving Illinois.

"Bill Carmody should get the same opportunity at another league, there's a lot of prestigious leagues out there and get an opportunity to coach in, and I would be shocked if he didn't have great success. I don't know him well personally but I know him enough to have great respect for him. When I see on film and going against him, I have incredible respect for him."