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In his words: Matt Painter on Purdue's victory

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Boilermakers enjoying growth that CBI can provide

Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 10:21 am

Purdue opened its men's basketball post-season with a victory over Western Illinois on Wednesday at Mackey Arena.

Boilermaker coach Matt Painter spoke with the media following the win.

On the early defensive struggles:

"I think, you know for us, we didn't have some clean switches early in the game in terms of what they were doing, and they really exposed us when we had breakdowns. They did a very good job of that, and we had some good looks in the first half just not go down.”

On getting out in transition during the 10-2 run to take the lead:

“Like anything, whether its transition or offensive rebounds, you got ot be able to steal some points, and I thought that was really important for our confidence when we were able to get into transition and steal some points there at the end of the first half.”

On playing in the CBI:

“Obviously, for us, the decision really came down to success the people have had in the CBI that are now in the NCAA tournament, and we talked at length about that before the game. That's what we really tried to sell to our guys because I think everybody enters this tournament kind of in the same position. Now what is the best thing for your program? What is the best thing going forward? It just made a whole lot of sense for our guys but it's still disappointing because we've went to six straight NCAA tournaments but you have to be mature about it, and I thought our guys handled it great.”

On Western Illinois' early success:

“I think what our guys don't understand is there are good players everywhere … and their leading scorers, Western Illinois's aren't playing. So, just think of that team right there with their two leading scorers on it, that's a very good basketball team. And now you have the next guys, the third and fourth leading scorers … they're good players too but some of our guys, it's kind of a byproduct of youth, they don't look at it that way, even after 30-some odd games.”

On Dru Anthrop's game:

“Well, Dru was great. Did a lot of little things for us. (He) distributed the basketball, got loose balls, got long rebounds, made some extra passes, just did the little things to help us win.”