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Tuesday January 27, 2015
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Fort Wayne births, through March 24

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 8:15 am

Fort Wayne births

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through March 24.

•Aalieah A. Drake to Amber A. Lambert and Frank D. Drake.

•Abigail M. Frick to Amber M. and Ryan J. Frick.

•Adalynn A. Lahmeyer to Whitley A. Weikart and Daniel L. Lahmeyer.

•Addysonn A. McKay to Amanda S. and Jason R. McKay.

•Adeline G. Klinker to Kelly E. and Michael J. Klinker.

•Aerious S. Bland to Moe M. Htay and Travis W. Bland.

•Alayna L. Stratton to Alesha M. Bridgewater and Kyle J. Stratton.

•Aleaha G. Wright to Victoria L. Mack Wright.

•Alillyanee M. Anthony to Britnee N. Staulters and Deontrisse M. Anthony.

•Alivia J. Hissong to Abby K. and Travis W. Hissong.

•Allyson G. Thomson to Taylor D. and Brandon M. Thomson.

•Allysun R. Emel to Ashley R. Brown and Nicholas M. Emel.

•Amari K. Walker to Vanessa A. Walker.

•Amelia N. Daczuk to Serena D. and Bryan J. Daczuk.

•Anah S. Asselin to Monica A. and Marc F. Asselin.

•Aria H. Davis-Herron to Amanda H. Herron and Colin S. Davis.

•Asher J. White to Michelle M. and Jeremy S. White.

•Ashtyn G. Augenstein to Stacey L. and Aaron M. Augenstein.

•Ava K. Russell to Michelle D. and Ryan J. Russell.

•Aylinn M. Garcia to Kelly C. Moulton and Jose L. Garcia.

•Bailey L. Fuerste to Jennifer L. Kellogg and Erik W. Fuerste.

•Behattii C. Homister to Steffanie M. Homister.

•Benjamin W. Brown to Amanda M. Wyatt and Ryan M. Brown.

•Bentley M. Heller to Tabatha M. Bowers and Brandon M. Heller.

•Blaine W. Burgess to Sherri L. Saylor and Jarod W. Burgess.

•Brody J. Huggins to Brittany N. Huggins.

•Brooks E. Cunningham to Renee M. and Aaron J. Cunningham.

•Brylie M. Gilliam to Mackenzie J. and Eric C. Gilliam.

•Cagan L. Carr to Amanda M. Howard and Robert F. Carr III.

•Caroline E. Foster to Natalie L. and Victor B. Foster.

•Caroline M. Blackburn to Shannon R. Bruns Blackburn and William J. Blackburn.

•Caroline S. Harter to Crystal B. and Nicholas D. Harter.

•Carter A. Acra to Caryn N. and Nicholas A. Acra.

•Cecilia A. Aldave to Melissa A. and Isidro Aldave.

•Celia L. Sotamba to Celia H. Sotamba Angulo and Jaime V. Chiqui Chaca.

•Charles J. Lehman to Samantha E. and Ryan R. Lehman.

•Charlotte H. Price to Rachel E. Collins and Tyler E. Price.

•Chase J. Sherrill to Lashira J. Sherrill.

•Clark A. Dancer to Alexis F. and Nicholas D. Dancer.

•Cody M. Schwanz to Nicole L. and Corey M. Schwanz.

•Crosby D. Norris to Asacia S. and James D. Norris.

•Cru C. Warstler to Jennifer H. Warstler.

•Cruz A. Shuler to Alexis N. Reyes and Kaeron M. Shuler.

•Cruz J. Brewer to Jessica M. and Lavar J. Brewer.

•Daniel Hernandez to Anakaren Sustaita-Rodriguez and Enrique Hernandez.

•Decarri D. Moore to Carevetta M. Allen and Donnie W. Moore Jr.

•Dekorie T. Ervin to Anca E. Petre and Deitrick T. Ervin Jr.

•Donovan Q. Tran to Lisa M. Quach and Hieu C. Tran.

•Dranora N. Arter to Denora E. Jackson-Meadows and Draper V. Arter.

•Eleanor M. Pruitt to Dawn M. and Tony M. Pruitt.

•Eli J. Naish and Evan M. Naish to Stephanie M. and Justin M. Naish.

•Eli R. Kaler to Rebecca E. and Justin J. Kaler.

•Eliana L. Kelley to Sarah M. Ross and Jonathan R. Kelley.

•Elias M. Torrez to Molly H. and Geraldo Torrez.

•Elizabeth M. Carter to Rhiannon S. Mrozinski and Chance W. Carter.

•Ella C. Gildea to Rachael E. and Brett P. Gildea.

•Elliana L. Kulczar to Adriane D. and David E. Kulczar.

•Emilia L. Lebrato to Jessica C. and William S. Lebrato.

•Evalina A. Brannan to Kristine A. and Tyler M. Brannan.

•Evanna M. Meyer to Julie A. Meyer.

•Evelyn K. Swihart to Charity L. and James R. Swihart.

•Evolet R. Milledge to Ashley M. Bischoff and Travis J. Milledge.

•Gabriella L. Gillingham to Jennifer L. and Eric D. Gillingham.

•Gianna R. Henry to Pearl E. and Robert P. Henry.

•Gibson J. Armstrong to Shaina M. and David J. Armstrong.

•Gisella J. Lebrato to Jessica C. and William S. Lebrato.

•Gracelyn K. Beyer to Lynette M. Beyer.

•Grayson D. Glock to Jessica L. and Daniel A. Glock.

•Hadassah G. Benzinger to April N. and Timothy D. Benzinger.

•Hannah A. Murphy to Melanie A. McKinley and Wade A. Murphy.

•Hannah N. Elmore to Kaytlin E. and Shane R. Elmore.

•Hunter C. Conrad to Joy L. and Richard S. Conrad.

•Hunter H. Holloway to Jennifer M. Cross and Matthew S. Holloway.

•Isaac P. Priest to Bonnie J. and Jeffrey L. Priest Jr.

•Isabel A. Suarez to Pamela J. Helppi and Francisco J. Suarez.

•Isabella Guzman-Ochoa to Ivette Ochoa and Juan C. Guzman Nino.

•Isabella M. Byers to Kalyn T. Byers.

•Isaiah M. Johnson to Misty D. Blue and Benjamin M. Johnson.

•Iyanla L. Mekki to Niqueria L. Martin and Nabil K. Mekki.

•Ja'zelle N. Brown to Britney L. Allen and Shawn R. Brown.

•Jasiah E. Blawn to Alicia A. and Jason E. Blawn.

•Javier R. Luna to Danielle M. Rumsey and Jesus Luna-Lopez.

•Jaxon D. Mitchell to Sarah N. Mitchell.

•Jayceon J. Scruggs to Preondra S. Pernell and Contrell J. Scruggs.

•Jayceon J. Young to Brierra J. Young.

•Jayceon S. Carter to Christine N. Carter.

•Jayceon T. Caldwell to Krista M. Gessner and Andrew S. Caldwell.

•Jayden B. Green to Leona A. and Broderick O. Green.

•Jayden L. Sealey to Katelyn A. Carlisle and Jamere A. Sealey.

•Jayiden G. Hernandez-Garcia to Evelyn V. Hernandez-Garcia.

•Jaylin J. Nichols to Darla E. Young and Jeremi L. Nichols.

•Johnny R. Yates Jr. to Tashira L. Velasquez and Johnny R. Yates Sr.

•Jokia D. Yarbough to Brandy D. Love Yarbough and Joseph E. Yarbough Jr.

•Jonathan R. Fink to Molly K. and Stanley J. Fink.

•Jordan Whitley to Suanquelle Whitley.

•Jorja A. Riley to Erin R. Riley.

•June E. McKenzie to Cori L. and Timothy A. McKenzie.

•Justus O. Choice to Brittney S. Barksdale and Aaron L. Choice.

•Kaidyn A. Hall to Priscilla R. Hall.

•Kailyee B. Heingartner to Ashley M. and Andrew D. Heingartner.

•Kaine M. Morris to Dianna M. and Matthew L. Morris.

•Kaleal T. Taylor to Treanda D. Greer-Mcgee and Pierre L. Taylor Jr.

•Kareem R. Harris to Evelyn R. Harris.

•Katelyn E. Davis to Aubrey M. and Shaun S. Davis.

•Kavaiya S. Hosler to Tia M. Hosler.

•Kaylee M. Densmore to Dawn A. and Scott W. Densmore.

•Kaylin A. Cochran to Kara L. Halleck and Sean H. Cochran.

•Kaylin S. Refeld to Jennifer A. and Karl R. Refeld.

•Keira A. Screeton to Candice N. Endrulatis and Zachary M. Screeton.

•Kendrick L. Morgan to Kellie D. and Richard L. Morgan.

•Kenzie D. Dohm to Patia R. and Eric L. Dohm.

•Kevin J. Girardot Jr. to Sarah R. and Kevin J. Girardot.

•Kiara K. Fackler to Jessica R. Spencer and Justin M. Fackler.

•Kimora A. McClain to Taquella L. Meeks and Antonio A. Mcclain.

•Kyle J. Muller to Marzena W. and Joseph C. Muller.

•Kyron B. Bearden to Andrea D. and Ronald W. Bearden Jr.

•Landon R. Shroyer to Amanda L. Shroyer.

•Laurinia C. Wysong to Brittney L. Pierson and Joshua L. Wysong.

•Leah K. Krish to Kimberly A. and Kyle J. Krish.

•Leianna T. Nettles to Sharenda L. Nettles.

•Lejla Miljkovic to Adela Delic-Mijkovic and Dragan Miljkovic.

•Levi C. Raatz to Erin K. and Sammuel J. Raatz.

•Levigne E. Claycomb to Tina M. and Richard L. Claycomb II.

•Liberty A. Rowland to Kachell A. Smith and Gregory W. Rowland Jr.

•Liliana S. Frecker to Adriana and Mark R. Frecker.

•Lilyanne M. Oberhausen to Leanna M. and Nicholas C. Oberhausen.

•Lincoln A. Bodie to Stephanie A. and Trent R. Bodie.

•Londyn A. Hopson-Riley to Brittney L. Givens and Patrick A. Hopson-Riley.

•Lovely C. Williams to Lashaa G. Williams.

•Lucas R. Conrad to Emily A. and Joel D. Conrad.

•Lucas X. Barrand to Ashley M. Myers and Todd L. Barrand.

•Luke J. Burkhart to Julie N. and James M. Burkhart.

•Luke M. Hernandez to Amanda J. and Daniel F. Hernandez.

•Mallory L. Hoevel to Angela N. and Ryan A. Hoevel.

•Maria Grace R. Fiacable to Caterina M. and Stephen J. Fiacable.

•Marshall D. Will to Sarah H. and Austin T. Will.

•Mary M. Emrick to Lisa M. and Landon T. Emrick.

•Mateo A. Guerrero to Angel M. Campos-Cristen and Julio C. Guerrero.

•Mattie A. Torres to Lindsey and Justin N. Torres.

•Max E. Cozad to Emily E. Cozad.

•Maxwell A. Parks to Deidre E. Loveless and Nicholas A. Parks.

•Maxwell Y. Babich to Jessica L. Golembiewski and Yevgeniy Y. Babich.

•Melina S. Myers to Eugenia B. and Michael E. Myers.

•Melody N. Miller to Brea A. Blumenschein and Ryan N. Miller.

•Messiah K. Hamilton to Chacarra T. Hamilton.

•Micah E. Capps to Stephanie M. McDonald and Sebastain A. Capps.

•Nazir C. Taylor to Angelica S. Simon and Charles J. Taylor.

•Nejla Fajkovic to Semsa Sakanovic and Jasmin Fajkovic.

•Nia Myha D. Ruffin to Truly O. and Antonio M. Ruffin Sr.

•Noah A. Davidson to Sara M. Stier and Thomas J. Davidson Jr.

•Olive C. Karami to Naomi R. and Christopher J. Karami.

•Oliver C. Lay to Htar Htar Lay and Yin Soe.

•Oliver L. Kidder to Chelsea L. Wunderlich and Trevor L. Kidder.

•Olivia A. Cardone to Jennifer K. and Michael F. Cardone.

•Olivia A. Shepherd to Ronita A. and Anthony R. Shepherd.

•Orion G. Curd to Sheila A. and Joel L. Curd.

•Owen V. Kamphues to Vanessa Y. and Brian L. Kamphues.

•Packard C. Fox to Jennifer D. and Ryan M. Fox.

•Parker J. Bobay to Theresa A. and John J. Bobay.

•Paxton A. Ferrer to Kaley M. Charron and Juan C. Ferrer.

•Phyo K. Kyaw to Eh H. Doh and Kyaw M. Htun.

•Piper J. Wiley to Ranetta G. and Michael J. Wiley.

•Raegan E. Grogg to Elizabeth S. Grogg.

•Rahinna Bee to Sarpru Bee and Sha Des.

•Raqi A. Lewis to Seaniqua L. Lewis.

•Richard Dustin K. Rickman-Keahi to Stephanie M. Keahi Richard and Dustin K. Larioza-Keahi.

•Robert J. Hardy Jr. to Chalena J. and Robert J. Hardy Sr.

•Rolando J. Cox to Carlisa A. Overton and Wyatt R. Cox.

•Rossi J. Nofziger to Marcie A. and James M. Nofziger.

•Rylee D. Atkinson to Breanne M. and Timothy D. Atkinson.

•Sage R. Dyer to Beth R. and Mathis C. Dyer.

•Sarah Nel S. Cing to Ciin L. Nuam and Pau L. Khai.

•Sawhtoo Mon to Krisstellna Htoo and Nai C. Mon.

•Skye E. Wilson to Jessica A. Kolkman and David T. Wilson.

•Sophie A. Judy to Laura H. and Matthew R. Judy.

•Susan N. Tran to Thi Nguyen and Huu Tran.

•Tanner V. Koons to Deanna M. and Steven P. Koons.

•Travis A. Taylor to Ronesha M. Taylor.

•Tyler J. Wilson to Angela R. Sherazi-Wilson and David P. Wilson.

•Tyler P. Hochstedler to Amy L. and Jeremy H. Hochstedler.

•Xavier J. Gallagher to Lanette A. and Francis M. Gallagher.

•Xayne K. Gates to Cassandra K. Reyes and James E. Gates.

•Ximena Mondragon to Laura M. Mondragon.

•Xzavier J. Landis to Ashley N. Landis.

•Zoey R. Cushenberry to Breanna Cushenberry and Justin B. Hollister.