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Area births, through March 24

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013 07:45 am
Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through March 24. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.•Kennan I. Wiggins to Jennifer N. and Scott A. Wiggins.•Nabeel S. Schwartz to Hania M. Shaheen-Schwartz and Scott A. Schwartz.•Dylan E. Pfefferkorn to Christine D. and Jeremy D. Pfefferkorn.

•Harper R. Blasius to Erika L. and Shane A. Blasius.

•Meredith F. Wise to Kelly M. and Justin C. Wise.

•Sirris D. Ort to Tami E. Booth-Ort and Travis L. Ort.•Briella R. Haley to Lacy B. and Tanner C. Haley.•Logan M. DeHaven to Brenna M. Easterling and Matthew A. DeHaven.

•Sophia L. Huss to Amber L. Russell and Sheldon M. Huss.•Blake A. Webber to Marcia A. and Jerry G. Webber.

•Raylin S. Akey to Laurie A. Shipe and Eric R. Akey.•Deegan W. Martinez to Brittni R. Stucker and Matthew J. Martinez.•Eloise M. Barrette to Melissa C. and Brendan M. Barrette.•Arianna N. Mundy to Kimberly M. and Jon E. Mundy.

•Ariella L. Wolpert to Jennifer M. and Justin C. Wolpert.

•Francesca M. Thomas to Lisa A. Claypool and Michael L. Thomas.•Benson J. Cerna to Tessa R. Cerna.

•Braelyn M. Baker to Kari R. and Randy A. Baker.

•Malia D. Hill to Jenny L. and David A. Hill.•Ezekiel M. Berry to Kristina M. and Eric M. Berry.

•Lincoln J. Carpenter to Danielle M. Carpenter and Michael A. Forester.•Brenson C. Weller to Sonya N. and Brent C. Weller.

•Brystalin L. Robinson to Isabella M. Lopez and Andrew L. Robinson.•Kayla M. Emery to Amy M. and Tyler P. Emery.•Ida S. Schmucker to Mary L. and Paul L. Schmucker.

•Marianna Delagrange to Margaret A. and James Delagrange.

•Nicholas R. Lengacher to Lisa M. and Lester B. Lengacher.•Elliot A. Washler to Krista J. and Dustin L. Washler.•Anthony M. Winfree to Stephanie N. Lepper and Marcus A. Winfree.

•Grace M. Ziembo to Heather K. and Michael R. Ziembo.

•Luca A. Krleski to Brandi N. and Pete Krleski.•Luxovious J. Gruwell to Tara C. Babb and Jeffrey L. Gruwell.

•Lynnox D. Vanover to Maria M. and Leaf A. Vanover.

•Maci G. Craft to Jami L. and Scott B. Craft.

•Rowena P. Kline to Belinda M. and Curtis H. Kline.

•William J. Craig to Milinda M. and Todd A. Craig.•Elliot G. Kuborn to Tiffany J. Avila and Derek B. Kuborn.

•Genevieve Smoot to Phyllis E. and Justin H. Smoot.•Logan T. Rogers to Jill M. and James P. Rogers.•Brynn M. Van Laeken to Cheryl L. and Michael F. Van Laeken.•Luke E. Miller to Christina L. and Neil H. Miller.•Noah J. Ross to Kami M. and Scott A. Ross.•Ariella J. Mix to Jessica L. and Scott A. Mix.•Faith P. McHugh to Rochelle C. and Michael A. McHugh.

•Kaylee R. Walls to Corie R. and Ryan R. Walls.

•Kiara A. Ramirez to Mercedes V. Ramirez Carrillos and Manuel D. De Leon Mendoza.

•Paxtyn J. Jones to Brittaney L. Sutcliffe and Marquis J. Jones.•Ava G. Bailey to Jennifer R. and Eric A. Bailey.•Brionna M. Grover to Brandy L. and Bret M. Grover.

•Lucas B. Eicher to Bertha A. and Amos E. Eicher.•Landon A. Smith to Elaine M. and Bradley M. Smith.•Javon A. Schmucker to Rosa R. and Amos J. Schmucker.

•Kaiden M. Hull to Jordan N. Elmer and Dominic A. Hull.

•Owen M. Kendall to Shelby E. Kendall.

•Vayda C. Schorey to Krystal L. Stratton-Schorey and Daniel L. Schorey.•Ethan G. Hudson to Jennifer H. and Casey L. Hudson.

•Tymper R. Coots to Kaylah N. Hall and Travis M. Coots.•Aubree D. Shuler to Cortney D. Lesh and Bradley S. Shuler.•Alicia L. Swaidner to Melissa R. and Michael L. Swaidner.

•Claire A. Dizer to Sarah A. and John T. Dizer.•Kathlynn M. Metzger to Heidi M. and Clement D. Metzger.•Abygael L. Ewald to Rebekah J. Work and Matthew A. Ewald.•Julia A. Schmucker to Esther S. and David J. Schmucker.•Maggie C. Wiebe to Kristi R. Pentz and Charles R. Wiebe.

•Nicholas J. Hoover to Holly M. and James R. Hoover.•Bentley C. Snook to Crystal M. Shaffer and Zeth A. Snook.

•Ryan A. Walker to Jennifer L. and Jacob R. Walker.•Addalee S. Pitser to Kayla C. Rose and Coley G. Pitser.

•Brandon P. Jones to Melinda S. and Michael S. Jones.

•Edward B. Williams to Angela M. and Andrew R. Williams.

•Elena S. Kipfer to Jessica J. and Chad M. Kipfer.

•Mallory A. Elder to Larisa R. and Charles H. Elder.•Demri M. Kimmel to Caitlyn C. Bazzinett and Trey A. Kimmel.

•Nalasia N. Ford to Jessica M. Hubart and Fred C. Burks Ford.

•Natalie A. Baxter to Janeen E. Baxter.


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