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Cheap Shots: CBS doesn't pull plug on all wince-inducing moments

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Also, the POTUS advises RG3 on how to QB

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 4:08 am

CBS showed two replays of Louisville's Kevin Ware suffering a broken leg, then decided not to provide any more replays of the gruesome injury.

The network feels it should never knowingly cause viewers to wince, other than when Doug Gottlieb is talking.

Look, here's the deal

President Obama talked with Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III during the NCAA tourney games last weekend. No reporters were present, but word has it Obama advised RG3 to spend most of his time veering to the left.

Motor City millions

Justin Verlander's new deal with the Detroit Tigers for $180 million makes him the highest-paid pitcher in baseball history. “I love this city & the fans – couldn't be more excited to spend my career here!” Verlander tweeted.

There's the secret to revitalize people's enthusiasm for Detroit: Give everyone $180 million.

A-Rod or A-stros?

Speaking of salaries, New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez's $29 million salary for 2013 is more than the combined $25 million payroll of the Houston Astros. To top it off, the Astros are already guaranteed not to choke in the playoffs.

Oh, yeah? Says who?

Did you hear about Miami Heat president Pat Riley saying Celtics president Danny Ainge should “shut the (expletive) up and manage his own team” after Ainge criticized LeBron James? Did you hear Ainge said he doesn't want to “mess up (Riley's) Armani suits and all that hair goop”?

The WWE called the NBA and said they want their over-the-top blowhard quotes back.

Time for a new compliance director

Southeastern Louisiana University's internal investigation found that 137 ineligible athletes competed for the school in unspecified sports between 2005 and 2010.

I believe that's what the commentators are talking about when they say some schools take it to another level.

Topping one of Wilt's records

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant passed Wilt Chamberlain for fourth place on the all-time scoring list in NBA history. Just to be clear: By scoring, we mean points in a basketball game.

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