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Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 12:40 pm


•Rodriguez, Rodriguez and Lilian Azucena Perez

•Coby David Lough and Tiffany Marie Watkins

•Dusan Friga and Kyra Rose Miller

•Michael Peterson and Eilicha McKinley

•Matthew T. Sexton and Nicole Erin Fegley

•Nevelle D. Grayson and Deborah Susann Leeson

•Darnell L. Means and Angel L. Pass

•Carl William Moellering and Beverly Ruth Ketchum

•Ross A. Fredrickson and Samantha L. Caudill

•Jason Chandler Lake and Anna Rose Windsor

•Manuel J. Ruiz and Catherine P. Richey

•Daniel Lee Troxell and Dawn Marie Williams

•Edgar Giovanni Sanchez and Rosa Nino

•Eugenio Maldonado and Anabel Fernandez

•John Robert McDowell and Laura Elizabeth Ridgley

•John Robert Pontius and Alice Ann Culp

•Tyon Nathaniel Slayton and Stephanie Marie Debaillie

•Michael David McKinney and Lisa Diane Markham

•Jason Javon Joyner and Eddrika Monique Scott

•Dane William Alan Knapp and Amanda Marie Swartz

•Richard Vincent Pinson and Christina Lynn Wilson

•Steven Lance Hanan and Doreen Fay Schuerman

•Jonathan Gerardo Agudo and Brisa Vera-Santamaria

•Tyler C. Johnson and Kaila M. Buehrer

•James R. Glenn and Holly R. Dunn

•Jason Alan Reinhart and Angela Landstoffer

•Mat Sa Pee and Sajida Be

•Mark Edward Woods and Patricia Mae Williamson

•Bernard Eugene Weaver and Corinna Lynn Gibson

•Michael Butler and Abigail Christine Scott

•Terrence L. Virges Sr. and Yevett Rochelle Freeman

•James Roe and Sarah Wetli

•Robbie D. Graham and Juliana Cecilia Miller

•Daniel Martin Broyles and Shirley Elaine McElroy

•Eric James Quintanilla and Amanda Marie Kumle

•Robert Anthony Miller and Laura Marie Siefker

•Rusbel Aguilar and Sandra Magana

Information received from the office of Lisbeth A. Borgmann, clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior courts. The above information is public record, and names are published without exception.