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TV Diary: Remembering 'The Waltons'

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 - 12:01 am

Mama Walton is 74. That's right. Michael Learned, who played Olivia Walton on “The Waltons,” celebrates a birthday today. In honor of Mama Walton, here is a quiz about America's favorite Depression-era family.

1. What was Grandpa Walton's first name?

2. Who played Ike Godsey, the storekeeper?

3. How many children did John and Olivia Walton have?

4. In what state did the show take place?

5. Who narrated every episode, which was based on his family's life during the Depression?

6. Who was the youngest Walton child?

7. Olivia left the show for this health concern.

8. Who played the Baldwin sisters?

9. Who played Yancy Tucker?

10. What university did John-Boy attend?

11. Lynn Hamilton portrayed Olivia's close friend. Name the character.

12. What was Jim-Bob's occupation?

13. Jason owned this tavern.

14. Mary Ellen married this doctor.

15. Which son followed in Daddy's footsteps and took over the mill?

Answers: 1. Zebulon. 2. Joe Conley. 3. Seven. 4. Virginia. 5. Earl Hamner Jr. 6. Elizabeth. 7. Tuberculosis. 8. Mary Jackson (Emily) and Helen Kleeb (Mamie). 9. Robert Donner. 10. Boatwright University. 11. Verdie Grant Foster. 12. Mechanic. 13. Dew Drop Inn. 14. Curtis Willard. 15. Ben.