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Fort Wayne births, through April 7

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 9:02 am

Fort Wayne

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through April 7.

•Abigail M. Shaw to Samantha M. and Frederick W. Shaw.

•Adriana E. Wonderly to Michelle E. and Daniel A. Wonderly II.

•Aiyonah T. Waters to Andrea N. Waters.

•Alaina F. Riecke to Sara R. and Joseph P. Riecke.

•Alaina M. Alt to Amber M. and Jason R. Alt.

•Alaysia D. Swangim to Marissa A. Swangim.

•Alexa E. Edgar to Angela E. Burke and Jonas J. Edgar.

•Alonzo R. Silvers to Ariel A. Silvers.

•Alyonna N. Stewart to Alysha P. Stewart and Anthony M. Newsome.

•Amalee M. Trowbridge and Camille M. Trowbridge to Morgan R. and John P. Trowbridge.

•Amar Catic to Jasna and Fikret Catic.

•Amari A. Morton to Erika E. Vasquez and Michael A. Morton.

•Analiese R. Kellenberger to Breanna K. and Joshua D. Kellenberger.

•Andrew M. Beber to Jamie C. Wampler and Clay M. Beber.

•Aniious J. Fincher to Dymond S. Fincher.

•Aniya F. Rudd to Mariha L. Rudd.

•Anthony H. Cheng to Vivian T. Tran and Anthony C. Cheng.

•Antoine L. Owens Jr. to Raven N. Bennett and Antoine L. Owens.

•Arianna Gavina to Stephanie Gavina.

•Arjay L. Concordia to Liza M. and Russell E. Concordia.

•Asa A. Pospisil to Kelsey N. and Mark A. Pospisil.

•Austin J. Gonzalez-Hennen to Stefanie D. Hennen and Jose D. Gonzalez.

•Ava G. Keen to Jessica A. Vargo and Joshua L. Keen.

•Ava N. Roth to Kaitlyn N. Eash and John T. Roth.

•Avery T. Amsden to Ashley N. Stiles and Joshua T. Amsden.

•Aviyanna C. Sharp to Porcha E. Sharp.

•Azaria I. Thomas to Dominique B. and Damon L. Thomas.

•Bailey M. Drudy to Julia A. Drudy.

•Bryson Z. Lackland to Lindsay D. and Micah J. Lackland.

•Caliyah K. Caldwell to Shayla R. Kline and Curtiss A. Caldwell.

•Calvin C. Skalicky to Rachel E. and Andrew C. Skalicky.

•Cardell Parham Jr. to Daniell M. Brown and Cardell Parham.

•Carter A. Parker to Kalyssa R. Krocker and Christopher D. Parker.

•Carter R. Becker to Linda-Bich N. Nguyen and Phillip C. Becker.

•Chandler S. Dicke to Ashley M. and Ronald S. Dicke.

•Charlee G. Kreischer to Elizabeth L. Embler and Nicholas A. Kreischer.

•Charles J. Case to Dawn R. and Aaron W. Case.

•Charlotte J. Knapke to Melanie D. and Richard J. Knapke.

•Chloe E. Whitaker to Megan E. and Matthew S. Whitaker.

•Daelynn R. Trejo to Monica D. Hill and Bryann K. Trejo.

•Dagon H. Beasley to Sinja M. Beasley.

•Dakota J. Mincoff to Anna M. Mincoff.

•Daniel J. Berlien to Melissa S. and Adam N. Berlien.

•Daniel J. Booth to Caren L. and David L. Booth.

•Declan M. Weaver to Andrea K. Workman and Kirk E. Weaver.

•Drew E. Meyer to Danielle L. and Andrew D. Meyer.

•Duke F. Ley to Jodie M. and Anthony M. Ley.

•Dylan J. Piedra to Verenice Contreras and Daniel S. Piedra.

•Dylan R. Bredemeyer to Tara A. Bredemeyer.

•Easton A. Lawson to Amanda B. and Elliot M. Lawson.

•Easton R. Ryan to Kimberly L. and Christopher M. Ryan.

•Eleanor Z. Cross to Lyndsay A. and Joshua J. Cross.

•Elissa L. Rosswurm to Megan N. and Heath O. Rosswurm.

•Emarie P. Lara to Samantha A. Messenger and Zachary A. Lara.

•Emercen R. Norris to Hope E. and John J. Norris.

•Endsley G. Ginder to Debra K. and Chad A. Ginder.

•Evan C. Saurer to Kristen D. and Benjamin D. Saurer.

•Evelyn M. Hess to Amanda D. and Benjamin W. Hess.

•Evelyn V. Lewis to Megan R. and Steven F. Lewis.

•Faith P. Tippmann to Natalie J. and Timothy M. Tippmann.

•Grace A. Emerson to Elizabeth D. Cowherd Emerson and Steve C. Emerson.

•Hadley M. Haas to April M. and Daniel J. Haas.

•Haines A. Latt to Linda M. Aye and Tin H. Latt.

•Hanndy I. Cruz to Damaris Y. Cruz and Jose N. Gutierrez Sorto.

•Harley T. Talarico to Tammy J. Johnson and Bruce L. Talarico.

•Harley-Quinn M. Herron to Myranda L. Williams and Cody A. Herron.

•Henri A. McClure to Aimee R. and Matthew J. Mcclure.

•Hudson T. Moses to Christina M. and Brandon S. Moses.

•Isaac M. Hernandez to Irene Martinez and Juan M. Hernandez.

•Isabella E. Valdez to Gabriela Marin and Alex E. Valdez.

•Isabella G. Budz to Katie N. Govert and Nicholas R. Budz.

•Jacarr J. Woods to Quniya J. Woods.

•Jacob J. Noe to Mary E. Noe.

•Jacob M. Bunsold to Elizabeth A. Bunsold.

•Jakiyah O. Stallings to Jojuana C. Lewis and Tony O. Stallings.

•Jamarrion M. Smith to Jaime M. Bloom and Ronald W. Moore Smith.

•Javier A. Aguirre to Nancy V. and David G. Aguirre Jr.

•Jayce J. Robison to Amber L. Doan and Eric A. Robison.

•Jaylan C. Perez-Scott to Raquel A. Perez and Christopher D. Scott.

•Jionni D. Bowser to Monica S. Shappell and Shaun J. Bowser.

•John J. McCarthy to Angela R. and Michael P. McCarthy Sr.

•Joseph M. Pose to Jennifer L. and Justin M. Pose.

•Josephina K. Bunn to Kelli S. and Zachary J. Bunn.

•Josephine M. Rebber to Jennifer R. and Joshua A. Rebber.

•Journey S. Tucker to Katrina M. and Clifton L. Tucker.

•Julieanna J. Hodges to Yvonne P. Patterson and Christopher L. Hodges.

•Juliette L. Sonner to Amanda K. and Bradley S. Sonner.

•Julissa G. Castillo to Maria G. Vazquez and Diriseo Castillo.

•Khimora M. Jones to Octavia K. Jones.

•Kingston M. Walburn to Kerri A. Pendergrass and Tristan A. Walburn.

•Kiree A. Gaulden to Jasmine L. Gaulden.

•Leah A. Cook to Kayla L. Cook.

•Liam G. Glessner to Amber D. and Lucas G. Glessner.

•Liam M. O'Brien to Elizabeth C. and Kyle T. O'Brien.

•Lilith Z. Caudill to Jessica B. Caudill.

•Lillian L. Lavelle to Chelsea E. and Stephen R. Lavelle.

•Lillian R. Federspiel to Meagan E. and Steven C. Federspiel.

•Lola J. Lomont to Erica C. and Peter S. Lomont.

•Louis F. McMasters to Colleen M. and Stephen S. McMasters.

•Luke Guzman to Abigail and Rigoberto Guzman.

•Maci R. Gustin to Melissa S. and Eric D. Gustin.

•Maddalyn N. Rood to Leslie N. Muldoon and Joshua H. Rood.

•Marielle L. Proulx to Vanessa M. and Nathan M. Proulx.

•Marshall A. Richards to Monica L. Murray and Adam D. Richards.

•Meila O. Stephens to Lindsey R. Hunter and Ronnie L. Stephens II.

•Michael J. Hastings Jr. to Mauresa E. and Michael J. Hastings.

•Michael L. McGinnis to Michelle E. and Erik M. McGinnis.

•Mila N. Negahban to Tricia L. Mckenna and Alborz Negahban.

•Miles E. Burden to Kacey N. and Jonathon C. Burden.

•Mitchell E. Adams to Kristina N. and Lance C. Adams.

•Natalia R. Fields to Laura E. and Bart H. Fields.

•Natalie G. Ramsey to Kathryn M. and Daniel J. Ramsey.

•Natalie R. Cumberland to Sarah E. and Jason D. Cumberland.

•Navaeh K. Holiday to Miranda K. Holiday.

•Nevaeh M. Cobb to Angela M. Cobb.

•Nora A. Lomont to Erica C. and Peter S. Lomont.

•Olivia F. Brososky to Jillian F. and Adam M. Brososky.

•Owen W. Heinold to Kylee N. and Jeremy M. Heinold.

•Paris Z. Estelle to Latisha E. Rodriguez and Elrad J. Estelle.

•Peighton S. Robinson to Amanda F. Orr and Gerald R. Robinson.

•Reaghan M. Buzzard to Cassie R. Buzzard.

•Reid D. Mumaw to Jenna L. and Justin C. Mumaw.

•Ryan B. Stokes Jr. to Audrie L. Pressler and Ryan B. Stokes.

•Samara P. Burgette to Heather R. and Blake S. Burgette.

•Savannah P. Cronin to Sonja R. and John R. Cronin.

•Scarlett I. Henry to Breanne E. and Michael A. Henry.

•Sebastian E. Dougherty to Laura Y. and Edward J. Dougherty.

•Sullivan P. Pitcher to Erika D. and David A. Pitcher.

•Temperance J. Booth to Caren L. and David L. Booth.

•Thangsiam I. Nge to No L. Mang and Pho Nge.

•Tristan E. Buelow-Gunn to Kathleen S. Buelow and Carvin D. Gunn.

•Tryden C. Bowden to Grace B. and Jordan T. Bowden.

•Violet E. Gregory to Laura A. and Daniel J. Gregory.

•Willow C. Hunter to Hollie M. Hunter.

•Yasmin Vargas to Reyna Vargas.

•Zanyla M. McDonald and Katora L. McDonald.

•Zara T. Graham to Mariah T. Graham.

•Zed A. Hartman to Jessica D. Hartman.

•Zoe A. Tellez to Andrea R. and Christopher A. Tellez.

•Zoe I. Bishop to Lindsey A. Immerfall and Sean M. Bishop.

•Zoey I. Stoner to Samantha J. and Jason A. Stoner.