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Thursday September 3, 2015
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Letter to the editor: City's shootings shows lack of good examples

Monday, April 15, 2013 - 8:25 am

As I opened up my Facebook account, there staring back at me were the members of the NAACP standing at the doors of the police station downtown.

We as parents must start at a young age with our children and teach them the right and wrong of the way you deal with other human beings.

But if your father or mother is acting a fool, guess what, the son and daughter will follow in mom and dad’s footsteps.

What I think the NAACP should do instead of hanging out at the doorsteps of the Fort Wayne Police Department is start educating the children having children.

And the parents of the children having children must examine their lives and see if they can make changes, that in the end will inspire those young souls to return to church, grab that book that’s been collecting dust for god knows how long, or just become a responsible citizen to the city that all of us love.

I live just a mere hundred feet or so from where that young man took his last breath, knowing that he will never be able to graduate, see his children graduate or comb the first strands of gray hair is heartbreaking, or even enjoy another sun-kissed day like we had yesterday. I know that our heavenly father forgives us all, so to the victim’s families I am sure that they are with our heavenly father, for what little comfort that is at this time.

I was never blessed with children, but I am so moved when I see the mothers of these young men that have so much promise, on bent knees with their heads bowed and tears streaming down their faces.

This by no means is the norm for all families, but pay more attention to your son or daughter that may seem to be withdrawn, find out what is troubling them, listen to them, put aside your interest and let that child or children you brought into this world be the main interest, because they are our future for a brighter tomorrow — a tomorrow where the violence is just a distant memory.

Children learn by example, so try and set one that isn’t based on your interests, (but rather) faith-based interests or interests that are wholesome and good for all.

Charles A. Sizemore