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Basewide inspections begin at 122nd Fighter Wing

Monday, April 15, 2013 - 10:06 am

The 68 Air Force inspectors from Air Combat Command and the Air National Guard at the 122nd Fighter Wing are conducting training and inspections, which started last week and will run through Wednesday.

“We believe this inspection is the most comprehensive compliance inspection since the unit's inception in 1946,” said Col. David Augustine, 122nd Fighter Wing commander, in a news release.

The inspectors are looking at unit compliance across the board, including flying, maintenance, support and administration. The purpose of the inspection is to conduct and assess areas mandated by law, as well as mission areas identified by senior Air Force and Major Command (MAJCOM) leadership as critical or important to the performance of a unit.

The Combined Unit Inspection program was developed to cut time and money costs. Instead of one section being inspected at one time and another section at a different time, the Air Force decided to inspect all activities at a base at the same time. One of the ways the ACC Inspector General is overcoming the challenge of a shrinking force, is by “reducing the footprint of IG inspections,” said Maj. Brian Sitler, ACC IG chief of maintenance inspections, in the news release.

Due to budget constraints affecting the entire Air Force, many of the inspections are being accomplished virtually through electronic means. Originally the 122nd Fighter Wing was to complete six major inspections during this week; two were postponed because of funding issues.

The majority of the inspections were done Friday through Sunday. According to Master Sgt. Darin Hubble, of the 122nd, overall they have performed well, although were a few areas for improvement. Today through Wednesday the inspectors will calculate the results of the inspections, with a final debriefing Wednesday.

“We will know Wednesday morning at 9 a.m., how well we have done,” Hubble said.

Part of the inspection is being done by uploading data to inspectors at Langley Air Force Base. This is the first time this process has been tried for this type of an inspection, and Hubble said they are being used as a test site for this process.

“The results of these inspections will go all the way to the top,” Hubble said.