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Letter to the editor: Officials undeterred in picking our pockets

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 12:01 am

The new property tax bills have been sent out, and the cost of responsible home ownership has increased. Despite Gov. Daniels’ property tax caps, city and county officials were undeterred from pilfering residents with their obvious lack of competence on how to manage finances.

The Fort Wayne Community Schools cost us almost 50 percent in tax increases, the city 32 percent, county 34 percent, library 32 percent and the township 34 percent. Despite a sustained, depressed economy due to an inept, incompetent and unqualified person retaining the office of president of the United States for over four years, the city and county remain vigilant in spending money quicker than they get it.

Helping those who lost their job is a worthy cause. Spending $1,400 each on solar stop signs is not. Helping our animal shelters is a worthy cause. Spending money to move statues is not. Keeping the roads paved and in good repair is a necessity. Paying for the mayor’s personal transportation is not. Welcoming business expansion is good economic sense. Letting them skip town after a tax abatement, paying no taxes and not creating jobs is not. Teaching children is a necessity. Providing them with iPads is not.

These are just a few of the many examples of ways expenses could have been controlled and kept residents from more financial burden. Unfortunately, elected officials are not concerned with residents past picking their pocket.

Laura J. Smyser