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Letter to the editor: Phil musicians impress

Monday, April 22, 2013 - 8:43 am

The two Fort Wayne Rotary Clubs (downtown and Anthony Wayne) are together hosting a five-person Group Study Exchange Team from Austria as part of their month-long visit to Northeast Indiana.

I had the wonderful opportunity to have two of them accompany me to the Masterworks Concert Saturday (April 13). I anticipated a wonderful performance of Tchaikovsky’s Concerto No. 1. Alexander Korsantia exceeded all of our expectations not only with his virtuosity and strength in playing, but also his most engaging and warm personality.

There were two additional bonus surprises: The Rotarian team leader resides in Linz, Austria, which coincidentally is the birthplace of the guest conductor that evening, Christoph Campestrini. Some of the Philharmonic Friends were able to introduce both of them following the performance. Unfortunately, I could not follow their animated and enthusiastic German conversation.

This same Rotarian, who plays five musical instruments very well and attends concerts in such places as his home town, Vienna, and Salzburg, said his friends back home would be shocked when he will return in May and shares with them his thoughts regarding our Fort Wayne Philharmonic and the guest pianist playing the concerto.

In his humble opinion they equaled the musical quality in his native land. Wow! Another Fort Wayne blessing we should never take for granted!

Dave Ridderheim