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Fort Wayne births, through April 21

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 12:20 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through April 21.

Fort Wayne

•Addelyn V. Berris to Krystal L. and Jonathon J. Berris.

•Adelyn R. Price to Brooke D. and Zakry D. Price.

•Adrian Gomez Jr. to Marcela Zuniga and Adrian Gomez.

•Aerien J. Wolfrum to Amy J. Wolfrum.

•Alexander A. Garrett to Aquila L. Garrett.

•Alexander L. Amesse to Ashley R. Amesse.

•Ali H. Harrington to Renee A. and Andrew J. Harrington.

•Ali K. Algermi to Hana A. Saleh and Khaled A. Algermi.

•Amari L. Edmonds to Laura E. Cleland and Chad L. Blackmon-Edmonds.

•Amelia L. Brunty to Anna L. Fitzpatrick and Michael D. Brunty.

•Anaya I. Aligeorge to Oyine J. Ejah and George O. Ali.

•Athena L. Daugherty to Dominique M. King and Trever A. Daugherty.

•Aubrey T. Edwards to Nicole M. and Daveed E. Edwards.

•Aubrielle A. Davis to Brionna S. Frison and Darius J. Davis.

•Audrianna Y. Veach to Daisy Cervantes and Joseph N. Veach.

•Autumn C. Cashdollar to Leigh A. Meadows and Spencer A. Cashdollar.

•Braxton A. Young to Aisha L. and Eugene L. Young.

•Brayden C. Hacker and Hunter J. Hacker to Kelly E. and Bryan C. Hacker.

•Brylee L. Kick to Ashley M. and Matthew J. Kick.

•Carter T. Reilley to Jennifer M. and Brandon W. Reilley.

•Carter-Ray A. Orlick to Kayla C. Orlick.

•Clare A. Branch to Jessica L. and Ronald G. Branch Jr.

•David V. Granke to Jennifer L. and Steven R. Granke.

•Daxtyn R. Crawford to Ashley N. Gaskill and Joel L. Crawford.

•Efrain E. Flores III to Lisbeth Alva-Moreno and Efrain Flores Jr.

•Elaine A. Fundingsland to Jenae D. and Steven F. Fundingsland.

•Elayne R. Altman to Laura A. and Robert E. Altman.

•Eleanor M. Bender to Kelly M. and Samuel A. Bender.

•Eli J. Schenkel to Pamela M. and Benjamin D. Schenkel.

•Eliana A. Long to Kristen M. and Karl R. Long.

•Elijah J. Hardiek to Valerie R. Hardiek.

•Elouise J. Collins to Brittney L. and Aaron R. Collins.

•Emerson M. Coleman to Jennifer M. and Jacob L. Coleman.

•Emery C. Steenport to Karrie D. and Bradley T. Steenport.

•Emmanuel I. Walker to Turquoise V. Walker.

•Emmett A. Pichardo to Christine E. and Andre A. Pichardo.

•Evelyn R. Gullotti to Heather M. and Anthony M. Gullotti.

•Fabian Wah to Aye M. San and Saw D. Wah.

•Gabriel W. Starr to Rachel J. Ormsby and Dustin S. Starr.

•Gonzalo E. Ovalle-Rosales to Paloma S. Ovalle-Rosales.

•Grayson H. Hadley to Lori C. and Ryan M. Hadley.

•Grayson T. Stover to Jamie L. and Christopher A. Stover.

•Greyson J. Stalling to Alana M. and Dustin J. Stalling.

•Griffin M. Webb to Melinda M. and Joel A. Webb.

•Guiliana M. McGee and Joshua A. McGee Jr. to Jennavee S. Wertz and Joshua A. McGee.

•Hadlee E. Teagno to Kathryn L. and Ryan D. Teagno.

•Hugo N. Cervantes to Erika M. and Hugo A. Cervantes.

•Isha H. Abdullahi to Falhada S. Sokondo and Hassan A. Abukar.

•Israel J. Robertson to Danielle M. and Isaiah J. Robertson.

•Jacob A. Roell to Emily L. and Matthew T. Roell.

•Jaxon G. Barnes to Kayla J. Doan and Randal S. Barnes.

•Jaxon R. Henry to Michelle M. Fisher and Jason E. Henry.

•Jaxon X. Ruby to Courtney N. Priest and Brandon P. Ruby.

•Jayce P. Luebke to Kayla M. Presley and Nathaniel F. Luebke.

•Jordan A. Baity to Alisa J. Pearson an Jermaine A. Baity.

•Jordan D. Martin to Anisha N. Martin.

•Josslyn N. Reitzel to Cassandra R. and Mark P. Reitzel.

•Justus Z. Lefavour to Kimberly R. and Jacob R. Lefavour.

•Kaiden R. Witek to Marie L. Grawcock and Austin J. Witek.

•Karla A. Bravo to Ana G. Ponce and David Bravo.

•Keegan W. Bailey to Jennifer L. and Chad W. Bailey.

•Keira M. Barasch to April L. and Michael N. Barasch.

•Kendall M. Sorlie to Honesty M. and Caleb D. Sorlie.

•Kendrick J. Stewart to Allison J. and James Stewart.

•Kian W. Jones to Lindsay R. and Kevin D. Jones.

•King N. Gentry to Ebony E. Gentry.

•Klay M. White to Rachel M. and Kenneth D. White.

•Kyaw L. Htun to Yuyu Pyone and Tin M. Tun.

•Liam G. Teague to Caitlin R. and Aaron M. Teague.

•Lila S. Lichtsinn to Hayley M. Grate and Luke I. Lichtsinn.

•Lillian J. Klein to Chelsea L. and Andrew J. Klein.

•Logan J. Tippmann to Jessica J. and Adam C. Tippmann.

•Louise J. Lauer to Jina E. and Zachary R. Lauer.

•Lylah L. Wilson to Cassaundra N. Smith and Martecs S. Wilson.

•Madilynn P. Martz to Brittney C. Hoobler and Joseph P. Martz.

•Marc M. Noll II to Mehgan W. and Marc M. Noll.

•Mariana A. Nierman to Ladys S. Nichols and Brian D. Nierman.

•Marleigh E. Moran-Dunno to Ashleigh E. Moran-Dunno.

•Masen T. Whitfield to Lanydra A. Whitfield.

•Mason A. Richardson to Samantha N. Richardson.

•Max D. Hart to Bethany A. and Todd D. Hart.

•Mckenzie J. Capers to Tamara L. Capers.

•Micah M. Elder to Rebekah D. and Matthew L. Elder.

•Micah N. Bolesky to Liberty A. and Nicholas K. Bolesky.

•Michael T. Wiseman to Lisa M. Eberle an Christopher L. Wiseman.

•Miqah Liles to Jessica L. Grimm and Marvin K. Liles Jr.

•Nashaya J. Phillips and Navaeh K. Phillips to Wathina S. Phillips.

•Nevaeh E. Allen to Courtney L. Brown and Michael T. Allen Jr.

•Nila M. Benson to Latisha C. Benson.

•Nizjahi A. Sanders to Nyshai D. Sanders.

•Nora C. Davison to Ashley C. and Andrew W. Davison.

•Nora I. Ambush to Maria C. and Gregory M. Ambush II.

•Paetynn B. Miller to Melissa N. Combs and Neal A. Miller.

•Paris D. Lipsey Jr. to Shalethia D. Murphy and Paris D. Lipsey.

•Patrick R. O'Rourke to Christina K. and Michael P. O'Rourke.

•Pearl M. Romero to Maria B. and Jose L. Romero.

•Peyton E. O'Brien to Amy E. and Dennis M. O'Brien Jr.

•Peyton M. Williams to Passion D. Williams.

•Phineas P. Smith to Samantha A. and Nathan J. Smith.

•Rebekkah A. Chapman to Latoya M. and Kevaun M. Chapman.

•Romeo J. Rodriguez to Arlene R. Castro and Daniel M. Rodriguez.

•Rosalie V. Alferez to Erica D. Alferez and Jose F. Alferez-Rangel.

•Sai Sanjiv Srikanthan to Sangeetha Thirunathan and Srikanthan Achuthan.

•Samuel I. Will to Kristin D. and Adam D. Will.

•Santah A. Williams to Damita D. Williams.

•Sarah A. Wolfe to Abigail E. and Britton D. Wolfe.

•Schuyler G. Schulenberg to Heidi A. and Christopher M. Schulenberg.

•Seleyna N. Barrera to Ashley N. Barrera.

•Serenity N. Gray to Shimetohra S. Gray.

•Siniah M. White to Octavia L. and Stephen H. White.

•Sofia M. Wyss to Anna M. and Paul L. Wyss.

•Sophia G. Abels to Christina D. and Benjamin L. Abels.

•Sophia L. Neer to Vanessa J. Tonkel and Jonathan D. Neer.

•Stella R. Plumley to Angela K. and Travis W. Plumley.

•Summerlyn R. Clapper to Bethany R. and Joshua D. Clapper.

•Sylvia G. Mikaloff to Carrie A. and Kevin J. Mikaloff.

•Thomas B. Rose to Marie E. and Jonathan E. Rose.

•Titus Z. Smith to Melissa J. and Justin A. Smith.

•Tyler C. Beck to Ashleigh J. Beck.

•Vivian G. Steffen to Lyndsey C. and Matthew P. Steffen.

•William R. Noble to Kathryn E. and Christopher L. Noble.

•Xavier L. Markley to Erica L. Markley.

•Yeraldine Anaya to Imelda Trejo and Martin A. Anaya.

•Yosef I. Reyes to Lorena V. and Ezequiel Reyes.

•Zavier E. Windmiller to Holly M. Park and Christopher A. Windmiller.

•Zayan H. Chowdhry to Sahrish S. and Humair A. Chowdhry.

•Zoey S. Walters to Brandy M. Christlieb and Andrew D. Walters.