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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Let us reach out to each other and work to move graciously into our amazing future

Donald Becker
Donald Becker
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Thursday, April 25, 2013 12:01 am
An entire generation of Americans has come into this world since the 9/11 terrorists attacks.They rarely know the changes in attitudes of Americans who were mature and intelligent in 2001. Terrorism has been discussed ad nauseum since 9/11 without reasonable consideration of the myriad people in the world today.

This writer intentionally took more than 10 years to address you about terrorism. We cannot competently discuss something like terror from immediately after huge personal loss or from unreasonable prejudices. Time has passed, I had no personal loss in the 9/11 events, and I have reformed my prejudices over the years.

Terrorism is actually as old as mankind itself. Our earliest leaders were selected by their own decisions plus viciously dealing with resistance to their demonstrated strengths. The strongest and/or smartest survived, while the weak or foolish were literally discarded.

The desire for power stems from both survival and our “original sin” of declaring to God that we are in charge and will do as we please on Earth. Acts of terror seemed vital to early man and were common, though rarely as startling as the 9/11 attacks.

A closer look at our story indicates terror tactics in every known civilization; in other words, nothing new. Reasonably looking at what we accurately know of our collective past, we can identify terror as a control tool of most of our societies as we evolved into our current cultures.

Enslavement of people and physical or mental torture serve as clear understandable examples of numerous acts of terror our ancestors employed. We struggle to process and accept that all of our families allowed some form of terror in the past, and most of our families played a role several times in events that we find deeply disturbing in modern culture and our morality.

When we come to truly accept our past we may be able to commit to the communications and adjustments necessary to meet with, to negotiate and to employ mature coexistence with everyone in this world (with the obvious exception of the mentally ill).

For Americans in 2001, after the 20th century’s world wars and development of worldwide mass communications, the terror against the USA seemed impossible.

How could someone hate us enough to resort to hijacking jets and flying them into buildings? Americans have difficulty empathizing with someone who intentionally dies to inflict damage on others. Without going into specific religious aspects, we need to identify the terrorists’ mentality objectively — a compassionate and difficult task. We cannot have grace, mercy and peace in our world if, for example, we categorize all Muslims as terrorists or all Communists as ignorant and evil.

The job is huge, the time and the numbers of eternal souls seem overwhelming, but the urgency is clear.

My fellow mature, intelligent, God-loving/fearing Americans are the ideal people to truly save the world from repeating our unfortunate and sad past. We have already chosen the ideals of working toward respect and honor for every functional human; we have agreed on saving planet Earth for limitless human habitation, growth and comfort; we have chosen love over fear to the point that we are ready for tremendous progress in the worldwide, inclusive compassion for the pleasure of the Divine regardless of how we define what I call God.

If you want someone to reach out to coordinate this necessary endeavor, I am one of many who have lived and struggled and suffered and repented mistakes, and we have come to a place in life to embrace all 7 billion-plus of us for our endless world home for this incredible human species. Let us reach out to each other to talk and work and care and heal and move graciously into our amazing future.


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