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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Letter to the editor: A reply to two critics of socialism

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:01 am
I would like to respond to two letters at once. The first is Laura Smyser’s response to my letter of Jan. 24. The second is John M. Steinbeck’s letter in the Feb. 25 edition. Both are relevant to my message, my beliefs and my philosophy, all based on a study of history and personal experiences with other cultures.Ms. Smyser, when I stated that socialism is derived form the word society I meant the prefix of “soci,” in other words community and so forth.

Your dictionary definition was correct in Karl Marx’s terms, but it has evolved from the extreme “communism,” into varied watered-down versions such as the one in Germany. I have lived there as an exchange student, so I can speak firsthand as to how it works, as well as continuous contact with my dear friends (one being an ex-teacher in the FWCS system) over there.

My major support of their system is education and health care; children do not die from an infected abscessed tooth due to lack of medical insurance. Their excellent public transportation system is a cooperation of government and the private sector. I also should mention that their economy in this time of worldwide recession is one of the strongest in the world.

I have learned from my mistakes, and one of the biggest was faith in the American dream stolen from us by corporate greed and the banksters of Wall Street. The one who shipped our jobs overseas and basically stole $1.6 trillion from the taxpayers with no consequences.

A man who robs a 7-Eleven for $100 gets 10 years in prison. An executive who helped steal that $1.6 trillion walked away with $127 million and the use of a car and driver for five years. Who paid for their mistakes, and what did they learn? I have no compassion for the person who stole that $100 for drugs, but I do the desperate one who did it to feed or house their children because of a lack of compassion from those corporations and banksters.

Mr. Steinbeck, this term of “economic moron,” well, I thought we got rid of one in 1988 and another in 2008. Reagan cut taxes, while increasing the budget deficit by 2.7 times what it was before coming into office (U.S. News and World Report). Bush Jr. literally gave away the budget surplus he inherited and destroyed the economy Clinton built within a few years. And by 2006 he had borrowed more than all 42 of his predecessors added together. Who is the “moron”?

As I have mentioned in previous letters, according to “Need to Know” (PBS), corporations are paying 50 percent less taxes than they did 30 years ago, and those making over a million pay 40 percent less. All to follow that “trickle down” theory to create jobs we have yet to see and stimulate the economy that has tanked in 1988 and 2008.

I also stated in another letter that I paid 28 percent in taxes on never more than $23,000 a year while Romney, 13 percent on $200 million (and only he knows how much more in the Caymans or Switzerland). That is a 15 percent difference in his favor, while I only made 0.000115 percent of what he was worth.

I am also curious as to how many jobs Romney’s company shipped overseas or downsized out? That is not using the tax savings to boost the economy, it is selling us out, pocketing the cash and then blaming us liberals for the problem. Who, I ask again, is the moron?

Charities, as you both claim should deal with the problems of the poor, are failing or inefficient at the least. Have either of you ever gone to Matthew 25? I waited from open to close to see the doctor and to be told they did not have the medication I needed and had to do it all over again the next day. I have heard from friends who need charity and those who work for charities they are all stressed for donations of all sorts.

I believe the government should be there to guarantee that those who profit from our free market system pay for that freedom. Those who suffer for it, the poor should see some relief from their plight and a chance to live that American dream.

To do as the Constitution says, “promote the general welfare” of “we, the people,” and not that of the corporation and the new nobility (banksters, CEOs and the like). I would gladly pay 40-50 even 60 percent taxes on $1 million a year if health care was not a worry, education for children, police and fire protection, decent public transportation and roads to drive on, and to have the ability to travel not only abroad but to the so many wondrous sites in this nation of ours.

Jesus himself said, “Render unto God what is God’s (your soul), and unto Caesar what is Caesar’s (taxes).”

Michael J. Ward


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