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Cheap Shots: Funny time to release Tebow

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MJ's wedding attracts the rich and famous

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 3:58 am

Tim Tebow reported to the New York Jets 15 pounds lighter and throwing the ball much better this offseason. Several on the Jets' staff were warming to his improved shape and play. Jets management, fearing they might have accidentally developed a good player, cut him immediately.

A Nike wedding

Michael Jordan was married over the weekend in front of many well-known guests, including Tiger Woods, Spike Lee and Patrick Ewing. And, in a nice salute to the past, Jordan's bride wore a stunning gown borrowed from Dennis Rodman.

Oh, no? Oh, yes

Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard was ejected while the San Antonio Spurs won Game 4 to sweep their playoff series. Afterward, Lakers great Magic Johnson tweeted to Howard that his ejection was a “big No, No.”

Still, it looks like something good will come out of this. Howard finally has a new nickname: The Big No No.

What's in your golf bag?

Professional golf's anti-doping procedures are “disgraceful” and should include blood testing to clean up the sport, golfer Greg Norman told The Australian newspaper. Norman pointed to an admission by Vijay Singh that he used deer antler spray that can only be detected by blood testing.

The issue came to the forefront with several golfers already on track for 60 home runs this season, along with an increase in Ray Lewis dance moves before putts.

RG3 knows jack

Robert Griffin III appeared at a Washington Redskins fan event on Saturday and did a few jumping jacks to a round of cheers.

After the event, ESPN's NFL analysts debated whether Andrew Luck would be as adept at jumping jacks or if he's more of a pushups and pullups offseason quarterback.

He's got great speed and acceleration

The Los Angeles Dodgers' top prospect, outfielder Yasiel Puig, was arrested Sunday for speeding, reckless driving and driving without proof of insurance. Witnesses attributed the incident to a toxic mix of a 22-year-old with a $42 million contract.

In a galaxy far, far away

The minor league baseball Toledo Mud Hens will salute "Star Wars" by using “Wookie”-themed uniforms in their upcoming weekend series. This gave the Chicago Cubs an idea. They've signed Jar Jar Binks as their new closer.

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