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Letter to the editor: Wind power letter misguided analysis

Friday, May 3, 2013 - 12:01 am

A recent letter (“Why are we spending money we don’t have on wind power?” April 25) gave a misguided analysis on the economics of American wind power.

Real-world data and studies confirm that wind power is driving economic development and saving consumers money.

Private investment in U.S. wind power totaled $25 billion last year alone, spurring a record year of growth.

As a result, the wind industry employs over 80,000 Americans with 555 wind component manufacturing facilities across 44 states.

These jobs are well-paid and won’t be outsourced, as the size and complexity of wind turbines has resulted in nearly 70 percent of the content of each turbine being domestically produced.

According to Lazard, as well as the Energy Information Agency, wind power is now one of the least expensive forms of energy. Also, by adding long-term fixed-rate wind purchase contracts, utilities are protecting their consumers from price swings in the fossil fuels markets.

These facts demonstrate what many Americans already know: our tax policies are working as intended by spurring economic growth, creating jobs, and lowering costs.

Homegrown American wind energy is making our electricity grid more secure and ensuring a cleaner energy future.

Elizabeth Salerno, chief economist at the American Wind Energy Association

Washington, D.C.