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Letter to the editor: Remember lessons from our panic after Pearl Harbor

Friday, May 3, 2013 - 12:01 am

After this horrific week (April 25) it is clear that we are not as sheltered as we thought. Just as the United States was awakened by the events at Pearl Harbor, we have been awakened by the bombings in Boston.

I would hope, though, that we have learned a lesson from the decisions that were made in a panic afterward when thousands of Japanese citizens were incarcerated here in our own country to “protect” us from any harm they might cause.

Even though most had never seen Japan as they were second or third generation citizens here, they were imprisoned because of their ancestry.

I pray we would not repeat that decision. There are many Muslims here in our country who are peace-loving and only desire to lead quiet lives in freedom to pursue their faith.

Many have fled from countries that denied them any rights as women or even men to pursue a desired field of work. A chance to freely pursue or experience such freedom was why they fled to America.

Let us, I pray, allow them this freedom and friendship as God would have us and not be guided by fear.

Vigilance is necessary, true; but let us wisely use that vigilance to God's honor and glory.

Linda Demorest