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Letter to the editor: We should bring back 'Wheelin' Dealers'

Monday, May 6, 2013 - 8:41 am

Why are some people in our society so overwhelmed by letting drugs ruin their lives? As far as the gangs go, the power of God is the power that everyone should fear as no one has that kind of power but the almighty himself. People, wake up for your own self. Life is too short, and we are here on Earth to please God and try to do all the things that God wants us to do.

God knows that we are all sinners, but he does give us the right to make our own decisions. God wants us to forgive our enemies, and he wants us to love one another. All the hate that a person has does harm to himself and to his family.

I read this article that has a meaning, and I would like to share it with everyone.

“Every person has a story. Watch long enough with eyes of compassion and you will feel their burden, their brokenness and their bondage. You will feel their lostness. We followers of Jesus do not watch for entertainment’s sake with some sort of reality-show voyeurism. We watch with compassion as he did to serve, sacrifice and to act in his name.”

The problems with the shootings in Fort Wayne are probably due to drugs and gangs. Back in the ’50s, we had a car club that worked with the police to help run gangs out of town. They were called The Wheelin’ Dealers. One time a gang came from Chicago to Fort Wayne, and they (Sons of Satan) were escorted out of Fort Wayne by the police and The Wheelin’ Dealers. Maybe we ought to have more undercover car clubs to work with the police to stop the crime.

Believe me, it wasn’t bad living in the 1950s like it is now. The violence should stop now. Let us keep all of our loved ones safe from evil. Everyone has a right live and to have peace in their lives without having to live in fear.

Joan Busche