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Thursday September 3, 2015
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Letter to the editor: Let's get to the root of our local problems

Monday, May 6, 2013 - 8:37 am

Recently I attended a wonderful confirmation service at a local church. Twenty-two teenagers renewed their baptismal vows to be faithful to their Christian beliefs — even unto death. Each young person was accompanied to the altar by a mother and a father for moral support. This was a very serious and joyful celebration. With the encouragement of parents, family and congregation these young folks will live up to their vows and be our future leaders and proud members of society.

On April 29, I read in The News-Sentinel about the march on South Anthony to end city violence, and I applaud the 75 marchers. It is not easy to protest a problem that is so huge and demonstrated by so few marchers. However, let’s begin to solve the root of the problem instead of applying a Band-Aid to the symptoms.

I challenge the community to find 75 teenagers who will take a pledge to not be a mother or father until after they are married and can afford to nurture their babies in a loving home. They must be tough and have a strong resolve. They will not be popular with the wimps who can’t say no to temptation and have no discipline. Let them lead the parade backed up by family, friends, clergy, leaders and community members who will support them. That will be the start of a healing process for a sick community.

The alternative is what we are seeing in the streets today.

Walt Ostermeyer