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TV Diary: Happy birthday, George!

Monday, May 6, 2013 - 12:01 am

Happy birthday, Mr. Clooney! George Clooney, of course. The Lexington, Ky., native was born on this date in 1961.

I remember watching Clooney on the comedies “E/R” and “The Facts of Life,” when he first started in the business. How ironic he would cast as Dr. Doug Ross on another version of “ER,” the long-running drama that would prove to be a real ratings winner for NBC.

Here's a quiz for Clooney fans:

1. Clooney made his directorial debut on which film?

2. Clooney received his first Academy Award for what?

3. He was married only once, to which actress?

4. Clooney went down with the ship in which 2000 film?

5. He played an escaped convict during the 1930s in which film?

6. Which actor was Clooney's sidekick in “Ocean's Eleven?”

7. He allegedly killed Batman in which full-length feature film?

8. Clooney played CBS producer Fred Friendly in which 2005 film?

9. Clooney was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award for appearing in the title role of which 2007 film?

10. He pieces his life together when his wife is seriously injured in which 2011 film?

Answers: 1. “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” (2002). 2. Best Supporting Actor (“Syriana”). 3. Talia Balsam. 4. “The Perfect Storm.” 5. “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” 6. Bradd Pitt. 7. “Batman & Robin.” 8. “Good Night, and Good Luck.” 9. “Michael Clayton.” 10. “The Descendants.”