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Fort Wayne births, through May 5

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 7:45 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through May 5.

Fort Wayne

•Aaliyah L. Bleich to Jessica L. and Jeremy W. Bleich.

•Abdul Sami to Khing A. Mu and Har Sin.

•Abigail J. Rios to Dalia Rios.

•Addalynn L. McLemore to Taylor K. Carries and Starvos X. McLemore.

•Aidin Le to Trang T. Tran and Vu D. Le.

•Aiyvah V. Jackson to Ashley Y. Jackson.

•Alexandria D. Holiness to Lashay A. Venters and Demetrius Holiness.

•Alivia E. Bacon to Lindsay A. Tupper and Nicholas A. Bacon.

•Allison G. Libbee to Laura A. and Larry L. Libbee.

•Ally G. Petersen to Lindsay S. and Jeffrey P. Petersen.

•Amerah J. Brown to Romega G. Lucas and Louis J. Brown.

•Amos G. Barrow to Elanah M. and Michael R. Barrow.

•Anayia C. Tatum'pharr to Amanda N. Pharr and Dennis M. Tatum.

•Angelee R. Lagrone to Audrey R. Gilby and Ellis L. Lagrone Jr.

•Anthony M. Shirely to Kaley L. Shirely.

•Anzleigh G. McGee to Geraln N. McGee and Deandre J. Harris.

•Arabella M. Putt to Emily C. and Bryan S. Putt.

•Arielle C. Bedford to Alexandra K. Rivera and Edward C. Bedford Jr.

•Aubriana I. Thurman to Kaitlyn N. Bowling and Richard A. Thurman II.

•Aubrie R. Parmley to Carrie L. and Dustin R. Parmley.

•Ava R. Teeter to Erica E. Teeter.

•Avanelle J. Tomlinson to Cara M. and Gregory G. Tomlinson.

•Bella M. Ray to Susan M. Born and Russel A. Ray.

•Benjamin I. Velez to Michelle S. and Luis D. Velez.

•Benjamin P. Peters to Tia M. McKee and Tobey L. Peters.

•Bernadette M. Hobbie to Amber L. and Nicholas R. Hobbie.

•Blake M. Busche to Megan K. Ummel and Jeremy L. Busche.

•Braden A. Pope II to Kristiana L. Moreno and Braden A. Pope.

•Braxton A. Stephenson to Brittany N. and Andrew K. Stephenson.

•Cadence M. Hagedorn to Lacey M. and Bennett A. Hagedorn.

•Caitlin G. Eckroth to Melissa L. and Michael J. Eckroth.

•Callie M. D'addario to Ashley M. Cross and Nicholas C. D'addario.

•Calvin J. Gulvas to Carrie R. and Robert J. Gulvas Jr.

•Camia C. Morrison to Desiree J. Craighead and Cameron M. Morrison.

•Cara N. Schaefer to Christine N. and David R. Schaefer.

•Carissa L. Wilkinson to Carmen M. Wilkinson.

•Carter M. Vasquez to Jennifer L. Robinson and Rodolfo Vasquez.

•Charlotte M. Foster to Caroline B. and Luke N. Foster.

•Chase E. Allen to Becky L. Anderson and Charles D. Allen Jr.

•Christian A. Webb to Clarissa C. Coker and Robert J. Webb.

•Cole A. Messmann to Sarah N. and Anthony L. Messmann.

•Collin R. Davenport to Alyssa A. and Ryan F. Davenport.

•Colten J. Bryan to Chantel A. and Bradley T. Bryan.

•Colton M. Rayl to Elizabeth A. and Joshua G. Rayl.

•Connor W. Baaske to Annette M. Baaske.

•Coraline M. Miller to Alecia A. and Christopher M. Miller.

•Craig A. Lichtsinn III to Gabriela R. Orduno and Craig A. Lichtsinn Jr.

•Derrick L. Rodriguez to Syndi D. Rodriguez and Derrick L. Catalan.

•Destiny F. Soe to Win W. Soe and Htoo Doh.

•Elias L. Delira to Evonne C. Reina and Luis R. Delira.

•Eliza M. Howard to Andrea G. and David W. Howard.

•Ella E. Shaw to Jill S. and Nicholas L. Shaw.

•Ella M. White to Danielle M. and Brandon M. White.

•Eloise M. Paden to Calea A. and Jonathan M. Paden.

•Emahri N. Roberson to Candice M. Roberson.

•Emeraude Hernandez to Marisol Hernandez and Emmenuel Rodriguez.

•Emma J. Ashby to Crystal D. and Benjamin M. Ashby.

•Emmett P. Crager to Danielle M. Myers and Ricky E. Crager.

•Freya I. Soellinger to Cari A. Grim and Eric R. Soellinger.

•Gabriel Z. Hart to Latoria J. Loyall and Howard E. Hart.

•Gage M. Thomas to Jillian N. and Steven R. Thomas Jr.

•Genevieve G. France to Rachel E. and Bradley J. France.

•Greta A. Ricker to Sharon A. and James E. Ricker.

•Hadley A. Becker to Billie M. and Brent T. Becker.

•Haisley S. Shively to Meredith J. and Jason A. Shively.

•Haley J. Birmingham to Heather M. Birmingham.

•Harper R. Hinds to Holly M. Martin and Craig A. Hinds.

•Hayden R. Barrand to Courtney P. Barrand.

•Hnit Oo Ayechan Kyaw Day to Ka Ti Zar and Sa Day.

•Hogan L. Boyer to Starla N. and Daniel A. Boyer.

•Holden W. Miller to Crystel D. and Jeffrey D. Miller.

•Honesty L. Walker to Erica C. Walker.

•Honor A. Bassett to Alexas E. Demby and Montreal O. Bassett.

•Isabella G. Jomo to Heather M. Jomo.

•Isabella M. Wagner to Samantha J. Johnson and Christian A. Wagner.

•Ivan Aleman Jr. to Gabriela and Ivan E. Aleman.

•Jackson A. Wise to Hollie A. and Stephen M. Wise.

•Jackson D. Harris to Meagan N. and Daniel C. Harris.

•Jackson E. Ross to Chelsea C. and Ryan S. Ross.

•Jackson G. Patterson to Krystal N. and Jacob R. Patterson.

•Jacob S. Ziegler to Michelle S. and Stephen L. Ziegler.

•Jaiel E. Rhodenizer to Ronda S. and Eldon L. Rhodenizer.

•Jalen M. Stoller to Sarah L. and Jeffery L. Stoller.

•James W. Germann to Nicole M. and Kurt W. Germann.

•Jason R. Pence to Rebecca C. and Adam N. Pence.

•Jaxson M. Fry to Eva S. Fry.

•Jayce A. Ruch to Randee S. Mitchell and Robert A. Ruch.

•Jayden W. Derrick to Lucinda M. Crawford and Cordell J. Derrick.

•Jesus J. Cuellar to Mayra G. Lopez and Luis J. Cuellar.

•Jeziah P. Reinders to Jodi K. Voors and Zachary D. Reinders.

•Joel Htoo to Friday Aung and Plaw K. Bal.

•Johnathan Htoo to Than Aye and Toe L. Htoo.

•Jolinda M. Oechsle to Amanda M. Oechsle.

•Jonathan Reyes to Maricela Castelan and Gerardo Reyes.

•Joseph A. Wyss to Kristen H. and Austin S. Wyss.

•Joseph M. Morara to Beatrice M. Saneta and Saneta M. Maiko.

•Josiah P. Bower to Krista L. and Jacob P. Bower.

•Jovie R. Hosford to Anna M. and Michael R. Hosford.

•Julaisa L. Woods to Jacqueline D. Mims and Julius L. Woods.

•Julian F. Beltran to Leah D. Delarosa and Anmar P. Beltran.

•Julianna A. Durnell-Shank to Lisa W. Durnell and Curtis D. Shank.

•Juliet T. Underwood to Laura L. and Matthew T. Underwood.

•Juliette A. Husen to Elyse M. and Jonathan Husen.

•Justice J. Wallace II to Ashley N. Wogoman and Justice J. Wallace.

•Kaidon L. Moore to Janeatra L. Moore.

•Kaitlyn K. Zuber to Sarah L. and Thomas M. Zuber Jr.

•Kalayah M. Nelson to Dejanae D. Hunter and Jamontae B. Nelson.

•Kalvien E. Moreno to Yolanda J. Moreno and Valdemar Lopez.

•Keisyn Anderson W. Keahi to Nicole C. Burns and Robert Allen K. Keahi.

•Kennan Mehurovic to Zinajda Mehurovic and Edin Mehurovic Mehurovic.

•Khai D. Cing to Cing H. Lun and Kai K. Hang.

•Kiegan J. Stineshuster to Amber D. Stinemccave and Mark T. Shuster.

•Lamar J. Henderson to Tina Marie Caston and Jimmy L. Henderson.

•Laniya T. Charlton to Latoya R. Eldridge and Lashawn T. Charlton.

•Liam J. Hurni to Lidija Situm and Dane A. Hurni.

•Liliana L. Conner to Lisa R. and Deke E. Conner.

•Lillian F. Lessner to Leticia A. and Wayne E. Lessner.

•Lillian M. Hardman to Chelsie L. and Joel R. Hardman.

•Lillianna M. Beam to Brittany L. Beam.

•Madelynn S. Bellam to Carrie L. and Seth E. Bellam.

•Makensie G. West to Stefanie M. and Carl E. West.

•Malaysia Z. Grigsby to Anntilla M. Grigsby.

•Malina A. Diaz to Gabriela Olguin and Marcos A. Diaz Jr.

•Marcello F. Hernandez to Bianca A. Hernandez.

•Marquise L. Burnett Jr. to Brianna M. Walker and Marquise L. Burnett.

•Mason D. Browning to Erika L. Mettler and Zachariah D. Browning.

•Mason E. Offerle to Caitlin J. and Craig A. Offerle.

•Matthew J. Carrigan to Kristan J. Smith and Casey J. Carrigan.

•Milaysha S. Black to Tondalisha Black.

•Nalayah A. Austin to Janet L. Brooks and Antione J. Austin.

•Nancy A. Diaz to Ines and Erik A. Diaz.

•Natalie M. Milstead to Jamie E. and Eugene B. Milstead.

•Nolan P. Capper to Brittany R. and Benjamin P. Capper.

•Nyesha L. Kirtman to Tashee M. Jackson and Christopher A. Kirtman.

•Octoberrose D. Centers to Camaro K. and Braxton J. Centers.

•Olive R. Ulmer to Tiffany R. and Vaughn W. Ulmer.

•Ousman M. Ali to Heba A. Ahmed and Mohamed O. Ali.

•Parker B. Treesh to Misty M. Ray and Sean G. Treesh.

•Phoenix M. Mills to Carly D. Smith and Shawn M. Mills.

•Quendell B. Moore to Quenecia L. Gaylor and Gregory A. Moore Jr.

•Quinn R. Hilger to Melissa D. and Heinrich M. Hilger II.

•Raquel J. Redd to Priscila Espinoza and Matthew S. Redd.

•Rayghen J. Kempf to Rebekah J. Fiore and Jason R. Kempf.

•Remington E. Harlan to Kaci L. Schwartz and Michael R. Harlan.

•Robert W. Schoonover to Jackie R. and Robert W. Schoonover.

•Rowan O. Miller to Megan A. and Zachary S. Miller.

•Russell D. O'Neal to Katie L. and David R. O'Neal.

•Ryden L. Giant to Chantelle L. Giant.

•Sheniyah L. Harms to Jeniva L. Harms.

•Sirena N. McCleskey to Britton N. Asher and Samuel A. McCleskey.

•Sofia N. Tester to Tessa N. and James M. Tester.

•Sophia A. Del Cid to Cassandra K. Nichols and Henry E. Del Cid Monterroso.

•Sophia L. Teeter to Jessica M. McClue and Kevin M. Teeter.

•Sorin E. Teubert to Joanna M. Foor and Joseph B. Teubert.

•Sullivan J. Lee to Jennifer A. and Aaron E. Lee.

•Tamia T. Thomas to Ebonie S. Thomas.

•Thomas J. Barnes to Amber J. and Matthew T. Barnes.

•Trevi A. Van Order to Gwendolyn J. and Benjamin D. Van Order.

•Waverly E. Bigger to Brianna N. Clippinger and Blake L. Bigger.

•Wesley A. Hooker to Nicole R. and Shane A. Hooker.

•William V. Caudill to Amanda M. Morken and Andrew N. Caudill.

•Wyatt S. Reuille to Stephanie E. and Jason S. Reuille.

•Yashar A. Alavizadeh to Nassim Abdi Dezfooli and Alireza Alavizadeh.

•Yoselyn F. Cervantes to Juana A. and Fernando Cervantes.

•Zachary R. Preston to Lynn P. and Ryan C. Preston.

•Zachary T. Martin to Amanda L. and Jahcon C. Martin.

•Zameer Din to Ma Sue and Win Aung.

•Zoey S. Rauch to Jenna M. Jakway and Kyle M. Rauch.