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Tuesday September 1, 2015
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Area births, through May 5

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 7:45 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through May 5. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


•Ross W. Schamberger to Lindsey A. and Stephen C. Schamberger.


•Logan P. Scheiber to Lisa M. Scheiber.

•Sadie P. McCammon to Amber O. and John A. McCammon.


•Kayleigh E. Powell to Jennifer K. and Grant P. Powell II.

•Logan J. Murphy to Kimberly A. and Stephen M. Murphy.

•Mason A. Boyd to Amber L. and Cody A. Boyd.

•Zavier M. Dotson to Janelle L. Dotson.


•Fiona N. Boatwright and Gryffen O. Boatwright to Christie A. and Shaun A. Boatwright.


•Alaynah M. Tillman to Kristen A. Snyder and Robert A. Tillman III.


•Arianna M. Faulkner to Falisha N. Perry and Benjamin S. Faulkner.

•Aurora S. Conkle and Titus Conkle to Susan E. Conkle.

•Kinzington C. Wilcox to Ashlee N. and Jayce P. Wilcox.

•Morgan G. Papaik to Rebecca J. and Nicholas E. Papaik.

•Parker A. Robinson to Chayleigh J. Gressett and Luke A. Robinson.

•Vaida L. Stiverson to Krystal D. Rose and Brent L. Stiverson.


•Wade J. Carteaux to Carolynn N. and Nathan J. Carteaux.


•Noah S. Parham to Felisha D. West and Anquanh S. Parham.


•Hayden E. Dedrick to Breeanna R. Dedrick.

•Oaklee J. Bertsch to Jessica L. and Ryan M. Bertsch.

•Owen P. Brickley to Stephanie K. and Jason P. Brickley.


•Colbie E. Fuller to Dana R. and Blake A. Fuller.


•Ritchey A. Springer to Courtney M. and Benjamin A. Springer.


•Aolani B. Swafford to Rebecca L. Rogaskie and Matthew C. Swafford.

Columbia City

•Alexander F. Granados-Vanderford to Tabetha A. Vanderford and Uriel Granados-Jaimes.

•Bailee G. Reimers to Samantha F. Reimers and Kristian A. Mahooty.

•David A. Turner to Kara A. and Matthew K. Turner.

•Luna V. Kavanaugh to Brittney E. and David E. Kavanaugh.


•Jocelyn R. Harvey to Michelle R. and Luke T. Harvey.


•Mick P. Grimm to Stacey J. and Jeffrey P. Grimm.

•Ryker L. Foster to Lindsay E. and Travis L. Foster.


•Annabel R. Douglas to Tonya M. and Jared C. Douglas.

•Calix D. Stahlhut to Amy M. Yarian and Arthur K. Stahlhut.

•Jerren Ray V. Knox to Michelle E. Rhodes and Jeremy L. Knox.

•Kaden L. Slone to Brooke R. Slone.

•Mackenzie M. Freeze to Jamie G. and Matthew B. Freeze.


•Ada M. Graber to Mary and Alvin S. Graber.

•Hezekiah T. Sewell to Kelly L. and Kelley W. Sewell.

•Joshua J. Schmucker to Margie and Jonas J. Schmucker.

•Lynn D. Schmucker to Leana and Matthew Schmucker.


•Barbara K. Wickey to Anna G. andRuben L. R. Wickey.

•Grace M. Wiggins to Rebecca S. and Nathanel A. Wiggins.


•Bayleigh M. Downing to Stacy E. and John T. Downing Jr.


•Christian T. Frisch to Keila C. and Cameron T. Frisch.

•Connor M. Hinton to Emily E. and Scott C. Hinton.

•Delilah M. Balsara to Sierra A. and Nicholas A. Balsara.

•Grady M. Hinton to Emily E. and Scott C. Hinton.

•Liam R. Johnson to Valerie N. and Adam J. Johnson.

•Robert A. Griffith to Heather H. and Christopher T. Griffith.


•Caroline R. Daugherty to Traci A. and Kyle F. Daugherty.

•Gwen A. Elliott to Jennifer L. and Jason H. Elliott.

•Kalysee M. Farrington to Brooke C. and Joshua B. Farrington.


•Cason C. Risedorph to Megan A. Jennings and Ryan J. Risedorph.


•Layla L. Shelley to Delee R. and Robert D. Shelley.


•Casyn J. Mault to Abbey L. and James J. Mault.


•Tinley A. Vollmar to Courtney E. Sewell and Joshua M. Vollmar.


•Jared L. Miller to Leann K. and Jerry E. Miller.


•Adeline J. Case to Rebecca C. and Dustin T. Case.


•Rayce N. Ellet to Holly N. and Shanon R. Ellet.


•Coby M. Lewark to Colleen M. Moore and Michael D. Lewark.

•Emory R. Westfall to Lavinia R. Dawson and Jerry W. Westfall.

•Parker S. Rose to Amy E. and John P. Rose.

New Haven

•Abigail C. Schroeder to Julie E. and Joel T. Schroeder.

•Avery A. Etzler to Hayley A. and Zac A. Etzler.

•Cameron A. Carpenter to Chelsea M. Carpenter.

•Maxin P. Allosso to Meredith L. Marhenke and Dakota J. Allosso.

•William G. Van Spankeren to Rebecca L. and David W. Van Spankeren.


•Lily L. Gerdom to Melissa A. and Justin A. Gerdom.

Pleasant Lake

•Serenity N. Demyanovich to Holly L. Houtz and Jeremy A. Demyanovich.


•Avery M. Klingenberger to Devin M. Lael and Jacob J. Klingenberger.

•Issac B. Donithan to Elizabeth L. and Donald E. Donithin Jr.

•Madelynn P. Cuttriss to Jessica L. and Dustin A. Cuttriss.

•Melina J. Souza to Priscila M. Jerep and Rogerio R. Souza.


•Hunter S. Easterday and Noah L. Easterday to Pamela A. Caywood and Patrick S. Easterday.

•Loren L. Lengacher to Rosann S. and Jonas J. Lengacher.


•Max S. Wright to Catherine R. and Jeremy M. Wright.


•Adelle G. Harrison to Amber J. and Chad D. Harrison.

•Elsie R. Frakes to Rachel L. and Travis J. Frakes.

•Isaiah C. Bailey to Candice S. and Matthew G. Bailey.

•Jalynn J. Jones to Ashley B. and Justin D. Jones.

Winona Lake

•Auden C. Sander to Jennifer R. and Lane G. Sander.


•Nolan J. Young to Kelly B. and Benjamin K. Young.