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Divorces: Late March to early April

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 12:01 am


•Wendy Marie Knapp and Lee Gary Knapp

•Michelle Bottiglia and John Bottiglia

•Ashley Bryant and Neal Bryant

•Kathryn Bruns and Michael Bruns

•Lawrence Dierlam and Danielle Dierlam

•Teresa Geiger and Robert Geiger Sr.

•Debra J. Dilts and Daniel P. Dilts

•Tamera Lemna and Bradley Lemna

•Tasha Lee and Gabriel Lee Sr.

•Jennifer L. Fosnaugh and Robert J. Fosnaugh

•Emily Lozano and Jose Lozano

•Reginald Lamar Topps and Elizabeth Marie Topps

•Melanie Galvan and Martin Galvan

•Randall W. Smith and Angela R. Smith


•Albert Mata and Sylvia Mata

•Cindy Geller and Dale Geller

•Ramona Wiegmann and Michael Wiegmann

•Annette Koop and Thomas Koop Jr.

•Tonya Howey and Tony Howey

•Venkatram Settappa and Addie Settappa

•Zachary Wygant and Bethany Wygant

•Patricia Tolliver and Billey Tolliver

•Christeen Goodwin and Khartoum Goodwin

•Bruce Latham and Linda Latham

•Ursula Tate and S. Tate

•Jessica Beaver and Adam Beaver

•Penny Valero and Ramiro Valero-Zamarripa

•Amanda Smith and Jason Smith

•Cathalina Manzano and Fernado Manzano

•Deborah Barrett and Michael Barrett

•Heather Heinkel and Brian Heinkel

•Brian Art and Catherine Art

•Somphet Thammachack and Inthanome Thammachack

•Elizabeth English and Terry English

•James Workman and Kathy Workman

•Michael Ream and Amy Ream

•Cecilia Powell and Christopher Powell

•Nancy Hoyle and Jamie Hoyle

•Arlan Tonner and Sandy Tonner

•Vincent Castaneda and Heidi Castaneda

•Lindi Pocock and Michael Pocock

•Richard Hackbarth and Cristina Hackbarth

•Lesa Thomas and Carey Thomas

•Cynthia Nieves and Samuel Nieves

•Wendy Ferrell and Jonathan Ferrell

•Carolyn Warfield and Gary Warfield

•Jennifer Walter and Brock Walter

•Selina Malone and Eric Garrison

•Bethany Tester and Jeffery Tester

•Judy Britt and Jack Britt

•Janet Wimes and James Wimes

•Tina Esper and Patrick Esper

•Angela Hayden and Robert Hayden

Information received from the office of Lisbeth A. Borgmann, clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior courts. The above information is public record, and names are published without exception.