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Letter to the editor: Quote the Bible correctly

Thursday, May 9, 2013 - 12:01 am

I marvel at spiritually unlearned, philosophically ignorant, people. Such people quote the Bible supposing they understand it, but in reality could use a remedial eighth-grade Sunday school course. Recently, I read an article where the author mentions the Bible, saying “Women should be silent in church and keep their heads covered … and slaves should be obedient to their masters.”

The writer implies this discredits the Bible, so homosexual marriage is OK. Because of limited space here, I will address the most difficult of his objections.

The NT doesn’t call slavery “good”; it simply addresses its existence. It acknowledges a social status that was globally accepted for most of human history. It does not seek to change laws, but rather instructs people how to live as Christian’s under them. It commands slaves to obey their masters and masters to treat their slaves with dignity. In recent history, humanity has begun to embrace the Christian doctrines of soul liberty and individual freedom expressed in the NT. But in many Islamic nations women are still slaves — equivalent to cattle.

I have wondered which is better: being owned by one righteous master or being subjected to America’s developing socialist nightmare and the authority possessed by the swarms of power hungry bureaucrats (masters) who rule over us with rigor, enforcing the ever increasing multitude of rules which strip us of our constitutional rights. Such as the EPA declaring a farmer’s field to be a migratory wetland and thereby forbidding him to farm the property he rightfully purchased with his hard-arned money. Similar administrative oppressions occur in our cars, on the job, at the barber shop, in the store, ad infinitum! It begs the question: “Who are the real slaves”?

Pastor Mark Weller

Wapakoneta, Ohio