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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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How long will it be before God withdraws his blessings from us?

Tibor Bierbaum
Tibor Bierbaum
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Thursday, May 09, 2013 12:01 am
I know the basic difference between the Old and New Testaments, and I know that God is unique, the only one who functions in a pattern that is incomprehensible to us. He who made covenants with us, which we ignored as soon as we felt the benefits of such promises. He is constant and dependable, but we break our word as soon as another deal comes our way. We are selfish, members of the “Me Generation,” while he is selfless, giving us everything we need. From his mouth goodness and grace flow, while we are doing everything to shut him out of our lives.

I think of our forefathers, who made an oath: “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.” I wonder how many of us are willing to make such a pledge in our country today. Is it fair to say?

You have come a long way, baby? When Julia Anne and I came to Fort Wayne not too long ago, our city was known for a church on every street corner and named “the city of churches.” Is that still fitting today? The buildings are still there, but if you go there other than Christmas and Easter, you will have no problem finding a seat. Easter weekend, four people got shot. Is that a sign of a slippery slope for Fort Wayne to become a “murder capital?”

Murder takes place not only on the streets but in much greater numbers in “clinics” under the law, man’s law for social convenience. I spent several hours in front of one of them praying for the unborn, as mothers were rushed in and out to have their child butchered out of their body. Michelle Landrigan in the April 1 issue of The News-Sentinel got it right: “Lauding abortion does not celebrate women.” Thank you, Michelle, for helping us to focus on the real issue, life.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Do not forget to honor your mother for giving you life, selecting you over her social convenience. We change our language so we would be politically correct, so our act of sin is more palatable to our sinful nature, at the same time becoming lawbreakers of God. I use to ask my students: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could live with only God’s law?” We would not have a need for so many lawyers and judges. But from our human nature we are committed to get the edge on everything, everywhere, at any cost. Not God’s way, but our way. What a sad song “Blue Eyes” use to sing, “I did it my way” and so many loved it. I preferred it the other way around. I did it God’s way.

How about you?

It is written: “No one can serve two masters, You cannot serve God and money.” Another wise man, much wiser than I, said: “Follow the money, and it will lead you to the root of the problem.”

With the words: “A date which will live in infamy,” FDR asked for a declaration of war, and with the help of God, the enemy of our country was defeated. I wonder how long we will remember the Boston Marathon terrorist attack and the West Texas carnage after the memorial candles lose their flair, and continue to give thanks to God for minimizing the impact, while giving us heroes for heroic acts. Will we remember God’s blessing after Pentecost?

Mr. President, when you were elected to the highest office of the land, you became my president, too. It was your responsibility to give us strength and reassurance during our time of need. During the memorial services you reminded us of God’s promises from the Old Testament.

But did you remember that God withdrew his blessings from his favored people when one member (Achan) violated his commandment? They faced destruction, and they had to rededicate themselves to God, not in words but in deeds, in order to defeat their enemies (Joshua 7).

I wonder how long God will tolerate our actions. I cannot understand why you do not lead us, like FDR did before you, to defeat those who clearly declared their objective and the method to achieve it. I also cannot understand how you could go directly from the West Texas memorial service to the Planned Parenthood convention without raising your voice for the defense of the most vulnerable, the unborn. There is compelling evidence and astonishing magnitude of this genocide in our country.

The City of Brotherly Love drew attention to Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist, and the gruesome procedures being used to end a baby’s life at any cost. There are 300,000 similar procedures being conducted yearly in our country, and 40 million since 1973, when abortion became legal.

Yet, for political expediency, you, Mr. President, put your voice behind such gruesome acts, taking funds from such programs as assistance for the elderly, veterans support and from our country’s security. Mr. President, this has to stop. You have to do it, not by words and promises, but by deeds, or we will end up a people who have lost their principles and direction for good.

God bless America.


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