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Letter to the editor: Let's observe American flag etiquette, please

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 12:01 am

Fort Wayne has numerous residences, businesses and athletic complexes flying the American flag on a daily basis. But is Fort Wayne aware of the United States flag etiquette requirements when the American flag becomes soiled, tattered or torn? Yes, there is a specific etiquette for retiring an American flag.

First, the soiled, tattered or torn American flag should be replaced with a new American flag.

Second, the soiled, tattered or torn American flag should not be thrown away in the trash or burned by an individual or group of individuals.

Third, the soiled, tattered or torn American flag can only be disposed through a proper ceremony.

Fourth, soiled, tattered or torn American flags can be given to a veteran organization or the Fort Wayne Veteran’s Hospital main entrance on 2121 Lake Ave. for proper disposal.

Thank you, Fort Wayne, for your patriotism.

John D. Hannigan

U.S. Army veteran