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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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The Rant

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Whoever moved the 35 mph sign from Garden Street on East Washington Boulevard to where is it now: What a joke! I have yet to see anyone go by the speed limit in that area yet!

The falcon cam is wonderful to watch. Thank you. Can those in charge please make it live? The staccato image is difficult to watch for any length of time.

Didn't take long for Mark GiaQuinta and Wendy Robinson (of Fort Wayne Community Schools) to speak concerning ISTEP+ problems. They must really want to get their point across if they didn't leave this one to (a) spokesperson.

Front page headline from April 27: “Terrorists loathe America, but so do many liberals.” Quote from a ranter in the same edition: “Liberals loathe holding people accountable.” As a liberal, here's what I really loathe: The tendency of many conservatives to personify liberals only in terms of what we supposedly loathe.

Want the violence to stop in the city? Quit marching and do your own house cleaning. They are your own kids (from dysfunctional families) who are doing the gang shootings. If you raised your children right, they wouldn't be out shooting other kids.

This sure is a scary world we live in. Pray for your protection and your family.

Only 40 people showed up on May Day downtown for peace and freedom. Wake up, people. Should have been more than 40 people. … So sad.

I see the weed ordinance is going into effect. Does that count for the city and the weeds in the medians? Let's hope the city uses some of the excess money to keep roadsides clean, too. We're getting pretty trashy looking, Fort Wayne.

Pedestrians and bicyclists beware! If you are going to Foster Park from Rudisill Boulevard, pay close attention to the cars turning left onto Broadway. They will ignore the crosswalk signal and try to run you over when you have the right of way. I was almost hit twice in three days on my 10-speed walking it across the street.

All Fort Wayne Parks tennis courts are for tennis only. Please do not bring or walk your dog or any (animals) on the courts. Recently, animal “excrement” has been left on the courts by your animals endangering the safety of court players. Be considerate of others.

Wow, I got new stop signs on the roads by my house. Didn't know they were burned out and needed fixing. They looked fine to us. Great make-work project for the county employees to replace a good sign for the four or five cars that go down our road every day.

Indiana must hire the worst engineers and contractors to do their work. Why is I-469 always being tore up and redone with bad patch jobs? The road isn't that old that it should be in a perpetual state of repair. I don't see other states doing as much repair work to interstates, and they last a lot longer than Indiana's interstates

Every day I see half a dozen vehicles (mostly SUVs) blantantly running red lights. Our police need to forget about the speeders and concentrate on these drivers before they kill someone. It's way out of hand.

After the story about a boulder in the middle of Illinois Road on a local broadcast of morning news in late April, the meteorologist quipped, “That brings a whole new meaning to 'Rock Around the Clock.'” Now, that's some funny stuff! He needs to take his stand-up act on the road ... please.

Mayor (Tom) Henry, many taxpayers are struggling to meet monthly expenses. Please, spend our tax money only on basic needs for awhile. Leave your “pleasure projects” on the shelf.

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