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Thursday August 27, 2015
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Marriage advice: Marriage a ‘business opportunity’ worth the investment

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 12:01 am

Suppose you were offered a business opportunity that could greatly increase your personal wealth, provide you with a higher level of personal security and satisfaction, and greatly increase your chances for good health.

Like most jobs, some parts are drudgery, some difficult and a few downright demanding. Sometimes it's a bit boring, but generally it's fun.

Does it sound like a great opportunity; perhaps even too good to be true?

In many respects, marriage is a business opportunity: There is a family income, family expenses and family goals. Individuals take on certain tasks and, hopefully, everything gets done.

In the business sense, marriage is one of the great opportunities of life. It is the gold standard of social institutions, where on average people accumulate the greatest wealth, live the safest lives, have the highest levels of satisfaction, have the best health and live longest.

Marriage also has plenty of opportunity for incredible joy and out-and-out fun. Having someone there to share your successes, rub your back, share private jokes, cuddle and be sexually intimate makes life worth living.

But researcher John Trent asks, “If marriage were a business, would yours be making a profit? Would you even be in business?”

The “profit” of marriage is the accumulated joys and fun that it brings, the sense of intimacy, connection and belonging.

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