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Letter to the editor: My mother, too, made decision to save life

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 11:30 am

Rep. Marlin Stutzman recently shared that his then 17-year-old mother wrestled with an abortion decision in 1975 after learning she was pregnant with him. In 1975, abortions were legal and his mother only needed to travel 40 miles to the nearest abortion facility.

His pro-life story and mine are somewhat similar in that my birth mother was 17, too, when she became pregnant with me. The differences are that I was conceived out of a brutal rape and the law gave my life protection in 1972. The law implied my life had value.

Despite abortions being illegal, my birth mother sought a secret back-alley abortion but at the last minute changed her mind. I am now a pro-life advocate and speaker and fight for the same babies that Rep. Stutzman does.

His congressional speeches regarding abortionist Kermit Gosnell now on trial for murder prove that he is here fighting for laws that protect lives like mine. I have spoken with Rep. Stutzman on numerous occasions, and I can tell you that this world is a better place with him in it.

Both of our mothers made heroic decisions to choose life in difficult circumstances.

Monica Kelsey