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TV Diary: 'The Petrified Forest' tonight on TCM launched Humphrey Bogart's career

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 12:01 am

Humphrey Bogart fans will enjoy tonight's movie on TCM. “The Petrified Forest,” which also stars Leslie Howard and Bette Davis, airs at 9:30 p.m.

A bank robber is holed up with an assortment of characters in a desert diner in this 1936 classic, which launched Bogart's career thanks to Howard's insistence Bogart get the role over Edward G. Robinson. Bogart and Howard played the same roles on Broadway, and Howard was quite impressed with Bogart's acting.

Bogart was always grateful to Howard, who was shot and killed by German fighters in the Bay of Biscay during World War II. His daughter Leslie is named for Howard.

Bogart fans, this quiz is for you.

1. In “Key Largo,” what was the name on the boat Bogart operated?

2. Name three films he and Lauren Bacall starred in together.

3. What game did he avidly play — and win? He even played the game by mail with World War II GIs.

4. His image appeared in national ad campaigns for which baby food?

5. What brand of cigarettes did Bogart primarily smoke?

6. In a role he identified with the most in his career, he played a tormented screenwriter who was a murder suspect in which 1950 film?

Answers: 1. Santana (also the name of his yacht purchased from June Allyson and Dick Powell). 2. “To Have and Have Not,” “The Big Sleep,” “Key Largo.” 3. Chess. 4. Mellin's Baby Food. 5. Chesterfield. 6. “In a Lonely Place.”