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Letter to the editor: Accusations of other Gosnells inaccurate

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 12:01 am

Cathy Humbarger, executive director of Allen County Right to Life, is quoted in a recent Leininger column as saying that the brutal Gosnell is not the exception.

“There are many more like him, and what’s the difference between what he did and what happens to 10 to 12 babies in Fort Wayne every week?”

Well, if Ms. Humbarger knows the “many more like him,” it’s her obligation to report those criminals to the police for arrest and incarceration.

Furthermore, her preposterous claim that there is no difference from what happens in Fort Wayne should again be substantiated and reported to the authorities.

It must be hard for her to conceal the glee over the barbarous happenings at Gosnell’s den, hoping that it will add support to her cause, but her claim defies reality.

Again, if she has evidence instead of just venting, she owes it to the community so that the police will have probable cause to investigate. Ms. Humbarger’s wild accusations might be fodder for a libel suit.

Leonard Goldstein