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New Haven man charged with sexual misconduct with a minor

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 8:08 am

A New Haven man has been charged after he allegedly began a sexual relationship with an underage teen he met on a dating website.

Keith T. Tolomay, 30, of the 400 block of Lincoln Highway, has been charged with two Class B felonies for sexual misconduct with a minor, one C felony for sexual misconduct with a minor, and one Class B felony for repeat sexual offender.

According to court documents the charges stem a relationship between Tolomay and a 15-year-old girl that started on an online site called in February. Tolomay claimed during the course of the relationship the teen didn't tell him her real age until much later. She admitted she listed her age as 19 on the dating site, but said she later told Tolomay how old she was. Tolomay had listed himself as 29 on the site. On April 10t Tolomay met the girl at a library and took her to his trailer in New Haven where she said they had sex. Tolomay told investigators that when he found out the girl's age he did not have sex with her and that nothing happened.

According to court documents the girl's mother found out about the incident. The mother had driven her daughter to the library and went looking for her at the library when she couldn't find her 45 minutes later to pick her up. She was waiting in the parking lot when she saw Tolomay dropping her daughter off. The woman drove over and blocked the vehicle in and then requested Tolomay's driver's license. She noted he was 30 years old. She said he should tell her the truth or she would call the police. Tolomay admitted they had sex, the mother called the police. The daughter was taken for a forensic examination and Tolomay was taken in for police questioning. He refused to cooperate.

A warrant was issued for Tolomay's arrest June 5.