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Letter to editor: Stop potential impropriety in case

Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 12:01 am

Allen County Clerk Lisbeth Borgmann should reevaluate her elected office if her husband continues to have a role in the office. For the last year I have been a respondent in an Allen County Civil divorce proceeding involving a child, and my opposing counsel has been the effective attorney Daniel J. Borgmann. Borgmann is the spouse of Allen County Clerk Borgmann.

In order to remove any sort of impropriety shouldn't our laws keep our clerk of the court from processing matters that could and do benefit a spouse?

As in my matter, due to judge recusal, certain circumstances arise that Allen County Local Trial Rules call for the clerk to get involved in proceedings that impact the outcome. I would hope our courts and legislative parties intervene to stop the potential of impropriety from continuing further before the electorate does.

Brian Thornton