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Letter to the editor: Congratulations, Manchester graduate

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 12:01 am

I must thank Manchester College for welcoming my brothers Abdulaziz, Abdikadir and Abdiwahab. Abdikadir, all those sleepless nights of studying have now paid off. Indeed, it’s time for celebrations. Clearly, you have jumped through hoops to proudly walk with the Class of 2013 as you step into Manchester College. You knew the battle ahead wasn’t going to be as easy as a piece of cake or easy as dancing SHARAARA (Our Somali Bantu traditional dance) but conquered the battle and congratulations!

All who inspired you through your journey deserve my heartwarming thanks. And all who might have thought you won’t make it still deserve my honorable thanks emphasizing to them that hope never dies ... it matters not how many times you fall but how many time you rise up – how many times you dust yourself off, believing that you’ll be at the top of the mountain some day.

Yes, you got angry, smiled and laughed through your journey, but 2013 shall be the highlight and the answers to all your dreams.

Furthermore, the degree you received will introduce you to people of all cultures and ethnicities and so on — surround yourself with people of dignity. As Michael Jackson said, “Heal the world.” We’re the generation to heal the world with education — the generation to heal the world with respect and common sense.

Yahya Salah Moburuk