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Cheap Shots: NBA style flop, drop and roll

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Patriots owner says ring went to Russia, without love

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 12:01 am

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki says it's futile to try to ban flopping from the NBA, calling it “part of winning.” However, Nowitzki said the really obvious ones should come with a penalty, and by “really obvious ones,” he means flops by players on teams other than the Mavericks.

Patriot Act

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said Russian president Vladimir Putin stole his Super Bowl ring in 2005 after Putin took a liking to it. Looking back, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was very relieved Gisele wasn't at that meeting.

Home Bengals Office

The Cincinnati Bengals will be featured in the HBO series, “Hard Knocks: Training Camp.” After previous years featured the Cowboys and Jets, producers picked the Bengals because they feel HBO viewers aren't getting enough sleep.

Don't call us, we'll call you

Wide receiver Donald Driver said he would come out of retirement only if the Green Bay Packers asked him to do so. The Packers plan to first see if they can find a receiver who can match Driver's eight catches for 77 yards last season.

Go west, old men

The Los Angeles Clippers are trying to swing a deal that would bring coach Doc Rivers and players Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce from the Boston Celtics. Clippers management feels the team is simply too young and vibrant right now.

Next up: Choosing a high school

The University of Kentucky football coaches offered a scholarship to a 13-year-old seventh-grade cornerback last week. Presumably, they were impressed by his keen interest in quantum physics.

A real lockdown corner

Chad Johnson apologized for disrespecting a judge and was released early from his 30-day sentence in the Broward (Fla.) County jail.

Johnson served only seven days, so I guess you can call him Chad Out-In-Siete.

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