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Fort Wayne births, through June 16

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 10:08 am

A selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the county Bureau of Vital Records through June 16:

Fort Wayne

•Aaliyah D. Underwood to Deborah-Alexis C. Tyra and Jamarcus E. Underwood Jr.

•Aaron I. Hemphill to Claire L. and Jason D. Hemphill.

•Adalynn A. Fudge to Amanda I. and Michael L. Fudge Jr.

•Addison G. Lee to Krista L. and Jarod A. Lee.

•Adria D. Dance to Stephanie R. Daugherty and Adrian D. Dance.

•Aerious A. Dasher to Mary G. Dasher.

•Ahnesti N. Scroggins to Brenah I. Plunkett and Artrell D. Scroggins.

•Aizlee F. Handley to Meredith A. and Braden N. Handley.

•Alexander E. Cleckner to Ashton J. Davis and Harley M. Cleckner.

•Andrea P. Eguia to Mollie K. Niles and Adrian A. Eguia Sr.

•Andrew J. Malanson to Katherine M. and Jeffrey J. Malanson.

•Angel C. Sibri to Ines Carmona and Luis M. Sibri.

•Annalycia M. Beteta to Nicole S. Massey and Jose F. Beteta Rodriguez.

•Antwon D. Whitaker Jr. to Brittney M. and Antwon D. Whitaker.

•Arabella R. Cervantez to Kasey D. Wilhelm and Juan J. Cervantez.

•Aria E. McDaniel to Taylor P. and Devon L. McDaniel.

•Ashton K. Maxwell to Latasha R. Maxwell.

•Aubrey B. O'Barr to Kelly E. and Jason A. O'Barr.

•Aubrey J. Firestine to Margaret N. Tanner and Joel C. Firestine.

•Ava M. Scheiber to Vasiliki L. Arapios and Jason D. Scheiber.

•Ayeden L. Lee to Latosha D. Roberts and Shon L. Lee.

•Azariah M. Ross to Monisha M. Moore and Domonique M. Ross.

•Baylin C. Muller to Summer D. Milledge and Justin A. Muller.

•Bella R. Kizer to iara L. Kizer.

•Blake C. Dunifon to Aubrae R. and Christopher B. Dunifon.

•Blake M. Bortner to Holly M. and Justin L. Bortner.

•Brandon W. Abrams Jr. to Ciara Y. Gibson and Brandon W. Abrams Sr.

•Brantley J. Curtis to Marissa E. Treace and Eric M. Curtis.

•Braxton E. Brungart to Bobbi J. Avila and Robert T. Brungart.

•Braxton G. Bennett to April A. Rodriguez and Brandon A. Bennett.

•Brayden J. Eller to Rachael R. Oaks and Austin J. Eller.

•Brayleigh L. Holland to Brittany L. and Jason A. Holland.

•Briaunna S. Booher to Tiffany S. Ritter and Derek A. Booher.

•Brooklynn J. Smith to Thea A. Johnson and Ryan M. Smith.

•Carmelo A. Hudson to Tina L. Baker and Lamar A. Hudson.

•Carson M. Sauer to Ashley R. Gross and Lucas M. Sauer.

•Carson R. Schwieterman to Rachel K. and Chadwin R. Schwieterman.

•Carter T. York to Megan M. Byrd and Joshua York.

•Charlie M. Gutierrez-Phongkhammeung to Louly Phongkhammeung-Gutierrez and Juan Carlos Gutierrez-Riano.

•Chelsea M. Gan to Michelle D. and Gabriel S. Gan.

•Chloe F. Standiford to Brooks M. Taylor and Trent J. Standiford.

•Christian D. Conrad to Jennifer L. and Samuel K. Conrad.

•Christopher A. Wasson to Crystal A. and Brian W. Wasson.

•Cincere L. Alvarez to Cathryn D. Roe and Matthew W. Alvarez.

•Clara M. Dennis to Christina L. Lawrence and Joshua M. Dennis.

•Collin N. Hart to Cayli J. Miller and Tanner L. Hart.

•Crew A. Hanas to Lindsay N. and Charles A. Hanas.

•Cyree L. Scott to Cindy Scott.

•Damoni E. Dennis to Alesea C. Dennis.

•Daryus L. Kinnie to Patrice R. Kinnie.

•Elise G. Ben-Tsvulun to Nina Ben-Tsvulun.

•Elizabeth A. Westrick to Susan E. and Daniel C. Westrick.

•Eljawan M. Houston Jr. to Meranda M. Hull and Eljawan M. Houston.

•Emery N. Baker to Lindsey M. and Shawn M. Baker.

•Evelyn E. Reichhart to Brittni R. Gingras and Matthew W. Reichhart.

•Francisco L. Rogers to Suzana C. Da Silva and Nicholas A. Rogers.

•Graciela T. Torrijos to Edith and Armondo Torrijos.

•Grant M. Denton to Hannah D. and Garrett M. Denton.

•Gregory T. Woods Jr. to Kenya Q. Nelson and Gregory T. Woods.

•Haiven J. Lapsley to Yuri T. Barksdale and Terrell J. Lapsley.

•Harper E. Moore to Kala A. Steury and Anthony M. Moore.

•Harrison P. Green to Rebekca A. and Patrick W. Green.

•Henrik B. Stephens to Rachel L. and Aaron B. Stephens.

•Henry E. Meyer to Elyse K. Boutall and Adam J. Meyer.

•Isabella S. Jackson to Meghan E. Eaton and Corey J. Jackson.

•Isis Z. Carter to Clemisha M. Beard and Issiac C. Carter Jr.

•Israel L. Barnett to Latoya M. and Jermaine D. Barnett.

•Jashawn T. Harris to Jojuna R. Spears and Shawn T. Harris.

•Jaxon R. Faust to Elizabeth K. and David T. Faust.

•Jayce C. Dial to Johnna J. Stoutand Cameron J. Dial.

•Jayden B. Helton to Jacquiline L. Helton.

•Jazmyn E. Scott to Jessica I. and Jeffery M. Scott.

•Jeffery P. Mills to Samantha J. Mills.

•Jekhi R. Thomas to Jessica R. Jamison and James K. Thomas Jr.

•Jesse J. Reina III to Michelle E. and Jesse J. Reina.

•John N. Katrana to Katelyn P. and Nicholas J. Katrana.

•Joseph N. Dennie to Rhiannon L. and Jonathan D. Dennie.

•Julius E. Korti to Nicole R. Gallaher and Baysah S. Korti.

•Kadayshia D. Britt to Kenesja M. Britt.

•Kadence L. Colvin to Julie A. and Randall A. Colvin.

•Kamariyah A. Jordan to Shaniqua S. Williams-Flowers and Terriell D. Jordan.

•Karen Law to Paw B. Lwin and Charyo Law.

•Karington C. Porter to Kari M. and Deangelo Anthony D. Porter.

•Kaylie N. Adams to Lakisha N. Stephens and Deangelo L. Adams.

•Keiry S. Hernandez to Marisela Garcia Trejo and Hugo E. Hernandez Sanchez.

•Kelsey G. Gomez to Emily G. and Javier A. Gomez.

•Kelsey V. Wilson to Kimberly M. and Anthony J. Wilson.

•Kendall A. Munro to Katie S. and Ryan J. Munro.

•Kenley R. Waldfogel to Victoria L. Martsolf and Jason M. Waldfogel.

•Kenneth C. Stacy Jr. to Kimberly L. Johnson and Kenneth C. Stacy.

•Kenyale E. Bryant to Kendra P. Smiley and Brandon L. Bryant.

•Kevin Nazareth to Karen Machado and Marvin D. Nazareth.

•Kylee C. Bartell to Tabbatha N. Bickford and Spencer L. Bartell.

•Kyrie A. Strickland to Malori A. Shields and Torrence D. Strickland.

•Lamae J. Lantz to Shawntel M. Lantz.

•Layla M. Perez to Yesenia Perez.

•Layla O. Maggart to Sabrina A. Oberley and Kem D. Maggart.

•Levi J. Fox to Kayla J. and Brett N. Fox.

•Liam J. Wilson to Amanda F. Cottrell and Timothy A. Wilson.

•Lillian M. Smith to Alicia M. Haller and Justin W. Smith.

•Lillian N. Shoppell to Sandra D. Buelow and Christopher C. Shoppell.

•Lily A. Mays to Nicole M. Mays and Alvin J. Walker IV.

•Lincoln C. Sanger to Kristina M. and Timothy A. Sanger.

•Lincoln P. Miller to Melissa M. and Paul A. Miller.

•Lincoln X. Cook to Brook A. Burdette and Samuel J. Cook.

•Linkan A. Harker to Arika I. Robison and Austin J. Harker.

•London H. Cotton to Anjelica O. Roman and Troy M. Cotton.

•Louis N. Guretis to Janessa J. Michell and Nicholas L. Guretis.

•Lucas S. Newcomb to Melissa R. and Timothy H. Newcomb.

•Lucinda M. Carroll to Holly M. and Joseph J. Carroll.

•Ma'kina F. England to Shara L. England.

•Madison C. Hughes to Ashley L. McClure and Dominique W. Hughes.

•Malechi S. Clopton to Stephanie R. Swaby and Christopher D. Clopton.

•Martha J. Preus to Lisa J. and Christian A. Preus.

•Mason A. Boyer to Anna C. Crosby and Kenneth E. Boyer.

•Max J. Stanley to Natalie B. and Ross W. Stanley.

•Mckenzie J. Hormann to Kristen R. and Jason E. Hormann.

•Memphis B. Springer to Jennifer L. Arroyo and Matthew J. Springer.

•Michael F. Dolan to Christine M. and Andrew S. Dolan.

•Mila R. Horacek to Sarah K. and David M. Horacek.

•Miles K. Boon to Kristen M. and Win Boon.

•Miriam C. Loeslie to Stephanie J. and Travis J. Loeslie.

•Myaira J. Timmons to Lamicha O. Ervin and Marcus O. Timmons.

•Myka L. Montgomery to Amy J. and Jordan C. Montgomery.

•Naomi M. Brown to Theresa A. and Justin H. Brown.

•Navie J. Miller and Phynnigan J. Miller to Braye-Ashtyn L. and Cory D. Miller.

•Nia R. Fisher to Katanya L. Green and Michael J. Fisher.

•Nicholas P. Chapman to Rose M. and Kyle E. Chapman.

•Nicole Perez to Dariela A. Montemayor and Everardo Perez.

•Noah O. Smelser to Kristen R. and Aaron O. Smelser.

•Nycelina T. Wightman to Michelle A. Wightman.

•Omar M. Moftah to Mona Atta and Moataz Moftah.

•Oscar Tecaxco to Ignacia Moyotl and Emiliano Tecaxco.

•Owen M. Bennett to Nicole M. and Matthew R. Bennett.

•Owite Zar to Khan S. Win and Nay Zar.

•Parker D. Stump to Courtney A. and Justin D. Stump.

•Payton A. Shie to Chelsie N. Hinrichs and Derek J. Shie.

•Peyton E. Gossett to Amanda M. and Dale A. Gossett.

•Quentin J. Gyuriak to Brittany A. Gyuriak.

•Racheal L. Phillips to Taya M. Brattain and Paul D. Phillips.

•Ramire K. Rogers to Linisha L. Rogers.

•Ramona R. Douglas to Kayla M. Ealey and Tyler E. Douglas.

•Reese W. Drummond to Rachel W. and Aaron J. Drummond.

•Riley J. Potter to Paige N. Potter.

•Roger D. White III to Nichole J. Aldridge and Roger D. White Jr.

•Rose M. Dykehouse to Hope M. and Zachary J. Dykehouse.

•Sa'niya L. Dawson to Shanice S. Johnson and Torian L. Dawson Sr.

•Sanaollah Myint to Aisha Binti Ali and Soe Khin Hla.

•Sarah N. Geist to Samantha I. Perkins and Stephen N. Geist.

•Scarlett R. Caywood to Jeena R. and Daniel J. Caywood.

•Shazamah Da to Sa Bue Da.

•Silas C. Groeneweg to Richele D. and Benjamin J. Groeneweg.

•Skyla L. Sare to Brittany N. Wysong and Seth A. Sare.

•Skylar A. Blair to Misty J. and Joseph J. Blair.

•Skyler L. Jacquez to Briana N. Kueber and Herman M. Jacquez.

•Sofia C. Santos to Jairia D. and Lupe-Jo Santos.

•Sofia Perez to Dariela A. Montemayor and Everardo Perez.

•Soledad I. Naistat to Ozlem H. Ersin and David M. Naistat.

•Sophia L. Vickrey to Nicole M. and Christopher D. Vickrey.

•Soryn A. Girton to Ashlyn C. Neeley and Bryan L. Girton.

•Tripp D. Morris to Adeline M. and David M. Morris.

•Weston M. Wolfe-Sordelet to Cierra R. Sordelet and Anthony M. Wolfe.

•Xavier W. Burns to Megan M. Pressler-Clark and Matthew J. Burns.

•Zachary D. McNabb to Annalisa C. and Jeff A. McNabb.

•Zariyah D. Herd to Amber M. Machulski and Corbin K. Herd.

•Zierra L. Gaylor to Angela M. Gaylor.

•Zoe A. Sotamba to Carolina and Miguel A. Sotamba.