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Tuesday September 1, 2015
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Letter to the editor: Hunk of junk and a waste of space

Monday, June 24, 2013 - 8:47 am

Finally someone hit that hunk of junk in front of the art museum. Now it’s going to cost $300,000 to repair. Really?

The city should take this as an opportunity to get rid of that total eyesore. It makes Fort Wayne look worse. I have some suggestions. First of all, tear it down and scrap it. Put up a park full of artsy looking equipment for the kids. That would get the kids interested in art.

Better yet, leave it the way it is; it looks better after the car. In fact they should have left the car where it was, so when parents drove by and kids ask what happened they can tell them that’s what happens when you drink and drive. That would save lives and save money.

It’s a shame that there are so many people in need and so much money is going to be wasted on that hunk of junk. If the Golden Gate Bridge took a No. 2, that is exactly what it would look like. Get rid of it, save some money and then we would have plenty of money left over to move our cherished Anthony Wayne statue.

Nick Giant