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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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The Rant

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Mopeds should be banned from the main thoroughfares. They are unlicensed, uninsured, dangerous and a nuisance to licensed and insured lawful drivers.

Drivers beware of the sunken manhole covers on East Pontiac Street. Apparently the city doesn't think they are a problem — year after year after year.

I'm tired of the city saying it “lost” millions of dollars because of the cap on property taxes. Those dollars belong to the people, they are not lost. They act as though our paychecks are simply their feeding trough. They are not theirs to lose.

It's amazing how all three President Obama scandals disappeared now that we found out the government is after a man who told us what we already knew — the government is watching us. What convenient timing for our president.

I think it's time to have all drivers take the written test when renewing. Not only is distracted driving a danger, but so are all the people who have forgotten or ignore the fact there are laws to follow when driving. Whether at a four-way stop, changing lanes or turning, they no longer know the rules.

Shame on the silver SUV that ran down my grandson's Yorkie (dog) on Wayside Drive on June 15 and then kept going (way over the speed limit). My grandson was standing by the edge of the street trying to get the dog and was lucky you didn't run over him, too. Try slowing down when driving down a small residential street like that.

Great job on the Auburn/Cook Road intersection. Traffic should flow much more smoothly, until it gets bottled up by the “No turn on red” at Auburn Road and Clinton Street.

To the person complaining about public schools not doing their job teaching, so we shouldn't complain about vouchers. I am a teacher, and the children who have the most trouble in school don't have parents doing their job. It cannot be just up to the schools. Kids and parents also have to show up for the long haul.

Why doesn't Fox News have a prime-time broadcast that will give the public a conservative source of news?

This should be a time of unprecedented prosperity for all Americans. Too bad the wealthy, aka the American ruling class, do not see it that way.

Boo, to … (an area camping resort): You have rude and obnoxious campers there who like to disobey the rules with late-night, early-morning loud music and laughter.

I am a bus rider. I have allergies and get sick like many others, because bus drivers allow the windows to be open. Citilink managers, you must make the drivers responsible that windows stay shut. Buses are supposed to have AC in summer and heat in winter, or you're losing dollars.

It's time to stand up against the NRA. They are trying to hijack the political process. Where is the AARP in this debate? Where are the teachers who see their students gunned down every day? Where are the grieving parents and grandparents of the people who are killed by senseless violence? Stand tall, America, and fight back against the NRA.

Seriously, what is the … (thinking) of people who live in flood plains and then complain when the inevitable happens?

Why is it tellers and customer-service types can't stop what they are doing to look their customers in the eye, maybe smile, even acknowledge that you are at their station? Is that asking too much of you before you take my money that keeps you in a job?

If our public servants in Washington, D.C., were really interested in doing what's best for this country and its citizens, I would welcome them working on improving our health care and immigration laws. But it seems every decision they make indicates they are not concerned with our best interests.

The idiots are coming out of the woodpile. Firecrackers at midnight. Don't they realize that normal people have jobs and have to get up in the morning and are productive members of society? My dogs are traumatized. I am losing sleep.

The news reporters are saying we don't trust our government. If we would elect people who trust and obey God, we would have a government we could trust.

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