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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Letter to the editor: I no longer consider myself a Republican

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Friday, June 28, 2013 12:01 am
Due to recent events involving the Republican Party and its continued practice of putting party leadership above constitutional principals and not standing up to do what is right, I am not only resigning my position as precinct chair, I am also no longer considering myself a Republican. When the opportunity arises to stand up with “the people” and defend the Constitution, it not only runs and hides; it shows its ugly face and exposes itself as a co-conspirator in the fundamental transformation of our country and the dissolving of our Constitution.

A person who exposes wrongdoing of a tyrannical government should be heralded, and those committing criminal acts against our Constitution should be the ones tried for treason, yet the Republican leadership calls for the head of whistleblower Edward Snowden instead of granting him the protections under the whistleblower act. Of course this is all in the name of national security, even though government officials have admitted this under oath to Congress. Why then are they not actively seeking the impeachment and criminal actions of those who are committing the crimes against our nation (maybe because they are the ones aiding in the crime?)? For years now the NSA has been gathering our data and will soon have a facility completed in Utah that will house all of our personal data a la the movie “Eagle Eye.” Wow, that makes me feel free (and safe).

Once considered the party of small government, the Republican Party has grown the size of government and its intrusiveness into our personal lives. The only difference in the two parties today is that Democrats prefer to take our liberty though a welfare state, the Republicans through a military control grid. Both believe we should give up our liberty for a perceived bit of security.

No, it is not OK to take data from my phone, computer, house or bank in any form unless I am suspected of a crime. But now we even have state senators trying to pass laws that demand the harvesting of DNA when someone is arrested, even if they were not found guilty of a crime, and the mayor of the capital city has sold his (and the city’s) soul by joining the Clinton Global Initiative, partnering with Rahm Emanuel and the United Nations-backed program in order to fit in to what George Bush Sr. called a “New World Order.”

The Founders gave us an extraordinary opportunity to live free from tyranny, but we have squandered that after only 237 years, and this party has lied to the American people and convinced many that a small group of religious zealots can destroy our way of life, so Americans wave the white flag because by definition. We now live in terror, and the terrorist have won, and the only solution is more big government.

So I will forever stand firm with the principles that the Founding Fathers willed us and live free as God has intended for all, and no party can take that from me.

Chris McCalley


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